Mahagun Mirabella: Residents panicked over dangerous fall of lift
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Mahagun Mirabella: Residents panicked over dangerous fall of lift

The lift stopped working and came down directly from 23rd floor to the ground floor

Mahagun Mirabella: Residents panicked over dangerous fall of lift

Noida: It could’ve been disastrous for residents of Mahagun Mirabella, Sector 79, Noida, who encountered fall of lift from 23rd floor to ground floor on Tuesday. The lift stopped working and came down directly from 23rd to ground floor late evening. Fortunately, the residents escaped any major injuries.

During the incident, six residents (three female, one male and two children) of the tower were trapped in the lift. According to the residents, the maintenance team took time to rescue the trapped residents. After the rescue, the residents were traumatised due to the unexpected incident and subsequent delay in rescue.

Manoj Gandhi, whose family member was trapped in the lift, said, “The residents were stuck for around 10 minutes in the lift. This is a new society, it’s just been one and a half years since we shifted in this society. Sadly this is not the first incident we are watching. Lifts have intermittent issues since then until now.”

The condition became worse in the tower when all the three lifts stopped working and no movement was possible. The team could revive only one lift after a lot of struggle. Residents were furious with the callous attitude of the builder and went to the police station of Sector 49 to lodge a complaint against the builder.

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Although they were assured of action and the complaint was taken, residents said that the police accused them of illegally occupying the flats without any registry. In continuation, police refused to give any receipt of the complaint and asked the residents to go to Noida Authority also.

Ashok Vardhan, a resident of the society, said, “Police did not act on a grave incident that happened in the society almost a month ago. The roof of the society club had fallen after incessant rain due to poor quality of construction. The condition of society is deteriorating with each passing day. Despite receiving full payments from residents, even the basic amenities have not been made available by the builder.”

“Residents are anxious that the persistent problem of seepage, waterlogging in the parking area might have damaged the building's framework. Against the provision of three generators in society, only one has been provided. The incidents of residents remaining trapped in the mal-functioning lifts are common. The society's STP is not yet functional and the untreated sewer water flows directly in the open drain in front of the society. Overall, the quality of maintenance is very poor in society,” he said.

The residents have now decided to take legal recourse and also try other forums to seek redressal to their persistent grievances.

Another resident, Vivek Kumar, said, “As we approached the police station along with family members who were stuck in the lift, the behaviour of police was very shocking. They didn't acknowledge the written complaint (signed by over 30 residents who were present on site) and accused us of living in society illegally. The letter was returned.”

“Few residents were stuck for around 10 minutes and the situation was very bad and stressful. This issue is happening repeatedly and we are following up with the Mahagun maintenance team but they did not provide permanent solutions yet. Such incidents have happened many times in our society,” said Suman Kumar Singh, resident of the society.

“While our society is new and lifts have intermittent issues (power supply, technical faults etc). Residents have been living here for one year and facing this issue. This may lead to a mishap. Not limited to lift issues, there is a critical seepage issue in our society and no effective actions have been taken by the maintenance team so far,” added Suman.

CitySpidey tried calling the maintenance team official but he didn’t respond to the calls.