No place for pedestrians around Ashirwad Chowk in Dwarka!
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No place for pedestrians around Ashirwad Chowk in Dwarka!

What’s the biggest nuisance on the streets? Traffic snarls you might say. But there’s another. It is vehicles being parked in no-parking zones.

No place for pedestrians around Ashirwad Chowk in Dwarka! Cars parked in front of markets near Ashirvad Chowk.

Shopkeepers and residents of DDA pockets and CGHS societies are struggling on a day-to-day basis with vehicles that are parked in no-parking zones around Aashirvad Chowk, Dwarka. Whether it is the front side of a market or society gate or a service lane, one can see them parked everywhere. The result is an inconvenience, and quite a big one at that. Pedestrians end up walking in the middle of the road. The footpaths around the chowk have either been encroached upon or are unusable.

Anjana Sinha, a social activist and a former general secretary of Dwarkadheesh Apartments in Sector 12, says, “Parking of private and commercial vehicles has become a regular practice near Ashirwad Chowk, especially in front of the markets in sectors 4, 5, and 12. Even in our service lanes vehicles are now being parked. The situation is at its worse in evenings as almost three-fourths of the roads in front of the markets of Sectors 4 and 12 are occupied by vehicles and rickshaw-pullers.”

The areas around Aashirwad Chowk see heavy traffic daily. Just near the traffic signal, there are four markets. Chances of accidents are also high on the slip roads near the signal as no-parking zones are also being used for parking. A pedestrian walking on the road has to walk on the middle of the road and faces the risk of being run over by a car entering the road.

According to Vishal Gupta, a resident of Sector 5, “Day by day the pedestrian space is being encroached upon. Vendors use footpaths and vehicles take up space on the roads.  Despite ‘No parking’ boards and the presence of police, people don’t care.”

Residents also accuse the police of having a lackadaisical attitude. They say there is a police beat post in Sector 4 market but people still park vehicles in no-parking zone in front of them. “If the police had been active, people would have avoided parking vehicles on the road. The DDA should also look into the issue and make alternate arrangements for parking,” says Latika Rahi, a resident of Sector 4 .

A traffic official told City Spidey, “We are carrying a drive to prosecute the violators. Vehicles parked on the roads are being towed and challaned.”