Dwarka: Residents hassled by flourishing cattle yards in vicinity
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Dwarka: Residents hassled by flourishing cattle yards in vicinity

Their cattle are spoiling nearby area, breaking footpath, they have also broken boundary wall

Dwarka: Residents hassled by flourishing cattle yards in vicinity

Dwarka: In Dwarka, near Sector 11, under the metro bridge, there is a cattle yard. Around 5-6 people are staying there day and night. Their cattle are spoiling nearby areas, breaking footpaths, they have also a broken boundary wall.

Anil Kundra, a resident of IDC Apartments, Sector 11, Dwarka said, “I spoke with Sector 11 metro station master and also to CISF team head and they confirmed that this land is with DDA. I even sent this video and photos to DDA Chief Engineer around 7-8 days back, but as of today, there has been no action.”

He added, “There is a lot of dirt, breakage of footpath and most importantly, it’s the encroachment of the government land, but who is really benefitting and supporting this nonsense act, I do not know. Action should be taken immediately.”

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Vikas Kumar, a metro commuter from Sector 11, said, “The encroachment in DDA land in Dwarka is a big problem. Authorities have already requested but in vain.”

Gagandeep, a resident of Sector 10, Dwarka said, “For me personally, it is a bad precedent-setting up a cattle yard. Anyone in Dwarka is flouting law and order, wherever you want to do whatever, one can do it fearlessly. We prefer not to follow the law of land, we feel free to make our own rules.”

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Ravi Jaitley, General Secretary of Seniors Hub Dwarka, said, “This is all around in Dwarka and even under Palam flyover, near Bhagat Chandra Hospital crossing where one can see luggage stored and small kids playing on the roads.

He added, “No one in the government wants to take any action against them fearing backlash from politicians and they play ping-pong in this whole issue including that of those staying on the roads near almost every crossing of Dwarka. It must stop for the good of Delhi.”

P Menon, a resident of Ashirwad Apartments, Sector 12 said, “Cattles coming from other states like Rajasthan and Haryana need to be stopped at entry points. Cattles roaming through roads and parks should be prohibited. Cattle owners should be asked to keep them in specified areas like Ghazipur and not in central parts of the city or parks. Cows on the road cause accidents. Cows in parks make tree plantation drives fruitless.”

Shobhit Chauhan, Social Activist and General Secretary of Jeev Jantu Sewa Foundation said, “These people run illegal milk businesses and then abandon the cows and leave them to die. We face at least one such incident every day.”

We have reached out to the Chief Engineer, DDA, Dwarka, and waiting for his response. We will update the story as soon as we get a response from their end.