Delectable Indian curries for festive dinners


Delectable Indian curries for festive dinners

Indian food, with its blend of unique spices, has always ruled over our hearts

Delectable Indian curries for festive dinners

Indian food, with its blend of unique spices, has always ruled over our hearts, and if you are an Indian food lover, you must be aware of the royal taste of Indian curries. Any dish which has gravy and pieces of vegetables, lentils and meat is known as curry. Indian curries are known for their delicious blend of nutrition and authentic flavour.

A country with diversity definitely has its own traditional style of cooking curry and garnishing it beautifully. Not only one or two but a variety of curries are cooked for years and loved by people from corners of the world. So here are some of the most common Indian curries, you must try to impress your guests or pamper yourself on a weekend:

Chicken Jalfrezi

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Jalfrezi is easy to prepare as it would hardly require 30-40 minutes of cooking, with Chinese techniques. This mouthwatering dish is a perfect choice for weekly meals. It is interesting to know that this dish comes up with Anglo-Indian fusion and hails its mention in a British Indian cookbook. You can accompany jalfrezi with rice and naan.


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 Dhansak originated from Mumbai's Parsi community, is made from goat meat, along with tomatoes, eggplant and potatoes. This flavourful dish is prepared a day before, as it takes a long long time to cook. Traditionally it is served on Sundays in a Parsi house. Dhansak also has a cultural significance. It is cooked on the fourth day of a kin's death, hence it is never cooked on any occasion.

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Sambar is delicious, sour and super healthy. Tamarind is used to give it a sour flavour and healthy turmeric is used for its yellow colour. This south Indian dish is prepared in an hour and you can serve it with a variety of dosa, idli, vada and even with rice.


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It is believed this arrived in the 16th century, with the Portuguese settled in Goa. This curry is unique in all, which is made up of garlic, red wine or red wine vinegar and pork and beef. Also, cashew nuts and chillies are used to add flavour in it.

Kanchkolar Kofta Curry

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If you are looking for a vegetarian curry, this dish from Kolkata would serve best to your taste buds. It is made from green bananas, which are fried. This dish would take a total of 90 minutes to cook properly.

Matar Mushroom

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This dish, from North India, is full of energy and yummy flavours. It is generally prepared with heavy, thick cream, matar, mushroom and spices like garam masala, haldi etc.