White for the Win
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White for the Win

Every wardrobe should have a basic white shirt. It is one of the most versatile items you can own

White for the Win

Every wardrobe should have a basic white shirt. It is one of the most versatile items you can own. It's the real deal — a versatile wardrobe staple that goes with anything from office pants to weekend jeans.

A button-tailored down's shape quickly transforms any outfit into something stunning. A button-tailored down's shape makes every outfit feel effortlessly attractive. With a pair of pants and a jacket, you may wear it to work. Put on your sneakers, tuck it inside your trousers, and go to work on your weekend to-do list. Whether you tie it up or cuff the sleeves, you can't go wrong with a white shirt.

A white shirt will be your ultimate best friend no matter where you are up to, here are ten ways you can style your basic in a quick:

1)  It's ideal for the workplace

The quintessential formal white shirt

The suit is the workwear garment of the year, whether it's a neutral trouser suit or a sunny shorts suit. Add your favourite white shirt to keep it traditional.

2) Tuck the wide-leg pants in

Get that carefefree look with white shirt and wide pants

To achieve balance and proportion, the white shirt should be tucked into the wide-leg pants. I bet you'll be wearing this look on repeat, whether it's for work or as a smart daily outfit.

3) Wear it with your beloved pair of denim jeans

The perfect informal

Denim and a white shirt is a timeless combination. It never goes out of style and is the ideal match. I really like it with a pair of brightly coloured shoes.

4) Match it with a skirt

Evening magic

Wear a well-fitting white shirt with your favourite skirt; tuck it in or leave it out for a stylish midday appearance.

5) Tie it at the front with a bow

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Tieing a white shirt in the front provides definition at the waist, which is the smallest portion of most female body types.

6) Wear a slip dress as a layering piece

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Slip dresses should be included in everyone's summer capsule wardrobe. Layer a lightweight white shirt over the top and tie it in the front for a whole different appearance during the day. Shell accessories and a raffia bag are optional but recommended.

7) Keep it short with shots

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Are you going out on a beautiful, bright day? Tuck your white shirt into your most adorable pair of shorts. It's casual with a classic appearance.

8) Wear it in a unique manner

Credits: ShaadiSaga

This shaadi season, don't get too worked up. Allow your finest lehenga, coupled with your white shirt, to transform you into the ideal modern lady you are. If you want to wear a saree, simply create a blouse out of the white shirt!

9) Wear it in the winter

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When you're looking for a neat formal outfit for the winter but can't seem to find one, simply match your white shirt with a cardigan and you'll appear polished.

10) Wear it with a denim jacket of your choice

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Do you want to meet up with some friends for a casual lunch? Pair the white shirt with black jeans or leggings and a denim jacket.