Home remedies to treat insect bites
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Home remedies to treat insect bites

Most of the insects do not bite till they get provoked or they are defending themself

Home remedies to treat insect bites

Insect bites are wounds or punctures given by insect bites. Sometimes, a string can also be found in our skin as evidence for insect bites. Every human being must have experienced mosquito, honey bee, spider or bug bites. The bites can further cause redness, swelling, and irritation on the skin but sometimes it can change into life-threatening allergies.

Most of the insects do not bite till they get provoked or they are defending themself. When insects are disturbed or their hives or nest is disturbed they react in return and attack, bite or leave their venomous sting.

According to research, when some insects leave their sting, a person is prone to allergies because the sting contains protein. This can also lead to irritation and redness. If you are bitten by a mosquito,  then your skin might become swollen and red, but this can also result in vector-borne diseases like Malaria and Dengue. Bites from fire ants,  bees, hornets, and wasps can turn into allergies for those who are allergic to insects. Sometimes, flyers from unhygienic places can also lead to Jaundice.

After an insect bite, if the condition is getting severe, a person may experience unconsciousness, shortness of breath, and experience hives.  In such cases, patients must visit a doctor for help as soon as possible.

An ant bite may cause a puncture in the skin, pus, or simple swelling and redness.

Some insect bites can also cause blisters and itchiness.

Home remedies:
Before heading towards any kind of treatment, clean and disinfect your skin properly with Dettol or Savlon.

If there is only redness around your skin caused by an ant bite, then you can use an ice pack to cool down the area, it will also help to reduce swelling if any.

Ice pack

Avoid scratching the skin, as it may lead to more problems, and infection can increase.

If you can see a sting in your skin, then it may be injected by honeybees and yellow jackets. First of all, remove, sting properly with the help of a plucker, remember not to pinch the sting it might release more venom in the skin and disinfect the area properly.

You can also make a paste of mint leaves and apply it to the infected area. It will help you to attain a cooling feel on the skin and soothe it.

Mint leaves

A mixture of baking soda can also be applied to reduce itchiness.

You can also apply a mixture of aloe vera and haldi to treat insect bite due to their antiseptic properties.