'Kaku Kachori Vale' is every foodie's delight
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'Kaku Kachori Vale' is every foodie's delight

The special element of methi chutney, made with fenugreek totally uplifts the taste

'Kaku Kachori Vale' is every foodie's delight

If you are a food lover then the streets of Delhi would be bliss for you. These streets can give you infinite choices of mouth-watering food at affordable rates. Today we bring you one of the best shops in Connaught Place of Delhi serving people for 42 years near Hanuman Mandir.

Street treats at Kaka Kachori Vale

Kachoris have a special place in every north Indian's life. It is a special breakfast which was made on occasions. But you don’t have to wait for festivals to indulge in these crispy delights. Kachoris at 'Kaku Kachori Vale' are topped with tangy aloo sabzi and garnished with flavoursome mango pickle, spicy masalas and fried green chillies. The special element of methi chutney, made with fenugreek totally uplifts the taste.

Now, how about enjoying appetizing sizzling hot bread pakoras and tea with tasty aloo sabzi and kachori? Kaku Kachori Vale also serves bread pakoda, stuffed with boiled veggies and potatoes. You can enjoy it with red tamarind sauce, (imli chatni) and kulhad chai near it. Those who avoid eating garlic and onion can also enjoy the food as it is free from both things.

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The owner of the shop, Raju, says, "Kaku Kachori Vale is being handled and passed on by our three generations." Presently the shop is run by Raju who is the third generation.
He mentioned, "we love to serve people with love and  good quality of food." The shop opens at 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. You can enjoy a single plate of kachori starting at 25 rupees and a double plate priced at 50 rupees. Bread pakoras are also available at the same rates.

The owner of the shop's shared Covid pandemic has hit them hard. He mentioned, "After Covid 19 we only see half of the crowd around us, in comparison to time before covid and this has caused us financial issues."

So the next time you visit Hanuman Mandir, make sure to taste the sumptuous kachori and sizzling bread pakoras at Kaku Kachori Vale.


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