Winters, constructions make Noida smoggy
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Winters, constructions make Noida smoggy

If garbage burning continues, it may spike up pollution levels

Winters, constructions make Noida smoggy

Noida: Increase in air pollution in Noida has become a very major concern for the residents of Noida. As winters are approaching, it is now high time for authorities to act on the location where pollution-related violations are being discovered. However, residents of Noida are continuously tweeting pictures of spots where these norms are getting violated, but sadly, the outcome has not come fruitful.

Construction work at Sector 50, new Neo Hospital 

Amit Gupta, resident of Sector 77, Sanwarjeet Singh, resident of Sector 79, and many more such residents have been continuously making efforts by tweeting several pictures of pollution-related violations, however the authorities have turned a deaf ear to their plaints.

Noida being a developing city is often cited as one of the most polluted cities in the country. The question which is mostly being raised by residents is how Noida plans to tackle air pollution? In Noida, construction dust can be seen in most of the localities and that is how air quality has become very poor.

Dr. Pranab J Patar, CEO of Global Foundation, said, “Suspended particulate matter including airborne dust particles is a major contributor to the increased air pollution level. Of course, it varies from place to place and season to season. Noida, being a major hub of developmental activities construction in particular coupled with several large-sized open and exposed plots lying unutilised over time is only adding to the woes. Dust in the air can be linked to several health issues and breathing problem is one of them. We need appropriate measures to deal with these pollutants.”

Construction waste at Sector 116 Noida, Uttar Pradesh 

Though Noida’s air quality improved on Monday due to rainfall. According to Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB), northeasterly winds and rainfall are likely to keep pollution in control for a few days. However, if garbage burning continues, it may spike up pollution levels.

Sanwarjeet Singh, a resident of Sector 79, said, “There are many pollution hot spots in sub-centers of various sectors of Noida. These spots need immediate preventive measures. Noida Authority contractors are doing various civil jobs like construction & digging work which often flouts norms that should be strictly followed. These spots need immediate call for action.”

Nisha Rai, Secretary of Noida Federation of Apartment Owners  Associations (NOFAA), said, “Air pollution is a major concern going forward in winter months. The automatic machine sweeping must be aggressively implemented in busy market areas. Secondly, construction work time limits need to be reduced. The E-cycle scheme must be introduced as soon as possible to connect metro routes for citizens. The spray of water on roads should be implemented as it will also reduce smog and the road traffic must be stopped at the red light in order to curb air pollution.”

Brajesh Sharma, a member of 7x welfare team, which conducts road safety drive every weekend and also advocates people having social issues, said, “ Each year we cry for air pollution in the month of the festive season starting from October till February. Air pollution happens because of various reasons and more or less all concerned officials know how to tackle it. The surprising part is why they start thinking when it knocks on the door. What do they do the entire year? Recently, the Delhi government started 'red light on gaari off' campaign, however, this we can not implement in Noida because of the bad traffic lighting system, encroachment on road, no proper zebra crossing, etc so how can we save our city when basic such things are not entertained and improved.”

Construction work at Sector 116, Noida

Amit Gupta, a resident of Sector 77, said, “Since last one year, we have been requesting Noida Authority to use a mechanical sweeping machine to clear the dust on the left of the side road and at 24-meter road as well where dust level is high. But no response has been provided despite the fact that the mechanical sweeping machine has a brush on both sides of the machine and can be used for the left side as well.”

The resident Amit Gupta has also written a letter to the Chairperson of the Commission for Air Quality Management, M.M. Kutty. The letter mentioned, “We have requested the Noida Authority many times on the dust pollution issue and steps to control it but there is no proper response or proactive approach on this issue. The Honorable commission has already 3 letters to NOIDA Authority but has yet to get any response.”

The letter attached several pictures where norms are getting violated and requested the commission to take note of it. Four key points were also mentioned in the letter like; direct Noida Authority to do mechanical sweeping of the left side of the main road, at 7X; think and do something about the health of the staff doing manual brooming; think and do something about this health of the staff doing manual brooming; and set-up Dust management cell and publish its number, name of the officer like Greater Noida Authority did.

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