Don't dump it in the drain

Posted: Feb 12, 2016

An open drain on Chhalera road (near Gate number 1 of Sector 44, Noida) is silently brewing trouble for the residents. Brimming with dumped waste, it has little space for water to flow. It has also caused the smaller drains within the residential area to clog. The situation is worse during monsoons.

The RWA has demanded that Noida Authority clean and cover the drain, which would prevent further dumping of waste. "We have made several written complaints to the authority but nothing has been done," says Sudhir Sood, Joint Secretary, RWA Sector 44. "The work could not even start due to poor coordination between various concerned departments of Noida Authority," he alleged. 

Strangely enough, the Junior Engineer responsible for the sector, Mahesh Yadav, told City Spidey that he was not even aware of the problem.

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