Karwa Chauth: Delhi rains impact moon sighting and fast rituals
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Karwa Chauth: Delhi rains impact moon sighting and fast rituals

Many residents did Shiv Puja as an alternative to real moon sighting

Karwa Chauth: Delhi rains impact moon sighting and fast rituals

The capital witnessed scenes of festivity and celebrations on the auspicious day of Karwa Chauth. Women gathered together with their Puja offering plates in temples and other venues to break their fast following the moon’s sighting as per the set ritual. It was the not the India Pakistan match but the sudden rains that played the spoiler. There was no moon sighting in the cloudy sky which left many women to wonder as to how to break their fast in the presence of their husband. The festival has both ceremonial and emotional significance as women keep a fast to wish for the good health and prosperity of their husbands. 

CitySpidey spoke to residents of Delhi-NCR about this unique predicament and what they did to resolve the issue of the moon sighting or the lack of it. “I broke up the fast by following the traditional ritual of worshiping Lord Shiva as my husband. This is done when one is not able to see the moon. Today moon sighting was from 8.10pm to 8.47pm but due to rain and bad weather moon was not visible. Hence, we all followed the alternate option available as per traditional rituals,” informed Monika Samajpati, resident of Hare Krishna Valley of Sector 18A in Dwarka.

The absent moon also played a spoiler for Gurgaon resident Dinesh Dubey. “It’s pretty weird Karwa Chauth this time! We didn’t expect that because of cloudy sky and drizzling, the most cherished deity of the occasion, the Moon, will not be sighted on time. So, after waiting for an hour or so, we decided to break the daylong fast going by the alternative ritualistic formalities! We placed a picture of Lord Shiva in the direction of moonrise and worshipped the Moon available on his side forehead followed by helping my wife to take water with a shloka in praise of the Moon! ,” informed Dubey. Moon or no moon there had to be happy endings. “Then, we both ate the Halwa-Puri-Misthaan prasadam, which was already offered to the deity. Thus, my wife ended her fasting, and a prolonged Karwa Chauth day was concluded on a happy note,” concluded Dubey.

There were also others for whom technology came to their rescue. They ordered moon videos from other Indian cities like Bengaluru with clearer skies and visible moon to complete festivity.