5 gyms in Dwarka to kick-start your fitness journey
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5 gyms in Dwarka to kick-start your fitness journey

We’ve put together a list of the best gyms in Dwarka

5 gyms in Dwarka to kick-start your fitness journey

The feeling of being comfortable in your own skin and confident about the body you have been blessed with is unrivalled. At the same time, it's also perfectly alright to want to look different, to have even the faintest desire to flex some of those triceps and/or abs, or to nail your push-ups like a freak!

Want to make that happen? Well, all you have to do is head over to your friendly neighbourhood gym! And for that, we've put together a list of the best gyms in Dwarka to help you bid farewell to all your body-related inhibitions!

Gold’s Gym

Credit: Fitternity

The Gold’s Gym franchise sauntered into the fitness landscape years ago, entrenching itself as a mammoth force that changed the way we saw health and fitness. Through the assistance of globally certified trainers working at branches all over the world, they've been able to offer some great cardio sessions as well as bhangra, aerobics, and yoga classes.

Where: A 67-70, 2nd And 3rd Floor, Palam Extension, Dwarka Sector - 7
When: 6 am to 10 pm (Mondays - Saturdays), 9 am to 8 pm (Sundays)

Sehat World

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This gym is unsurprisingly a favourite amongst fitness enthusiasts. First off, you can do some high-intensity interval training and ABT workouts at Sehat. Additionally, you’d totally want to put those boxing gloves on and get down to business at their Boxing Ring. Can you imagine finding a cooler place to work out at? As such, it’s safe to say that Sehat World has surely packed in a lot of punches (pun intended!) when it comes to fitness and is one of the best gyms in Dwarka.

Where: Major Bholenath Colony, Block A, Dwarka Sector 23
When: 5:30 am to 10 pm (Mondays - Saturdays), 5:30 am to 4 pm (Sundays)

Enigma Fitness

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Enigma Fitness sure isn't fooling around. Their unflinching promise of surprises and a commitment to getting the best out of everyone are the two hallmarks of their success as a fitness centre. As for their training programme, their power yoga and bodybuilding sessions stand out for their sheer excellence. Also, did we mention you can have a one-day free trial service.

Where: Plot No. 4, Block A, Dwarka Sector 23
When: 11 am to 10 pm

Anytime Fitness

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Anytime (pun not intended!) can be a good time to start working out! So, what could be a better option than Anytime Fitness, which is one of the best gyms in Dwarka Sector 12? There's never a dull moment here, and certainly not if you avail of their fitness consultation services or join their yoga programmes. Furthermore, their personal and group training programmes have so much to look forward to. So, stop waiting and start hustling!

Where: Plot No. 11, Besides Modern Bazaar, Dwarka Sector 12
When: 5 am to 12 am

Battlefield Gym


At Battlefield Gym, you can settle for the regular functional training programmes, while also having the option to experiment with their strength and resistance-building exercises. Also, we would like to take a moment and appreciate their therapeutic and magically rejuvenating yoga sessions, as well as their bhangra classes. Get ready to shake a leg to the most popular Punjabi chartbusters and show 'em how it's done!

Where: Block A, Plot No. 2, Road No. 203, Near CNG Pump, Dwarka Sector 12
When: 5 am to 11 pm (Mondays - Saturdays), 8 am to 8 pm (Sundays)