Residents speak: Defunct street lights pose threat to safety
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Residents speak: Defunct street lights pose threat to safety

With defunct streetlights, Sector 18B road becomes completely dark at night

Residents speak:  Defunct street lights pose threat to safety

Dwarka: Two days before Diwali, darkness and gloomy streets have become a reality of several lanes in Dwarka. One of the badly lit roads of  Dwarka is the road in front of the Atulya Chowk Sector 18B, Sector 17  Bank of Baroda to Dwarka North Police Station. The whole lane remains dark during the night in Sector 18b & 17, Dwarka.

Senior citizens and women, in particular, are the worst sufferers as darkness poses a threat to safety. People not being able to see the road clearly for potholes etc. can get hurt. Moreover, everyone faces the risk of getting knocked down by motorists.

I and VK Khanduja and anyone have time and again raised this issue but the darkness of Dwarka is still an issue. We also take photos and videos for highlighting this issue in newspapers, but no work has been initiated done by the authorities yet.

An added issue is that most of the street lights are covered with tree branches which need to be trimmed regularly.

All the electric poles in our area are non-functioning and desperately need attention. We  Dwarka citizens are waiting for field staff of the concerned agency to take regular rounds of the area to find out whether streetlights are in order or not.

We hope that the authorities take cognisance of the issue at hand and take immediate action.  All Dwarka citizens will appreciate it if the matter is solved fast.

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