Noida- Residents meet OSD for long pending issues in Sector 62
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Noida- Residents meet OSD for long pending issues in Sector 62

“The vendor encroachment issue will be sorted possibly by Monday", says OSD

Noida- Residents meet OSD for long pending issues in Sector 62

Noida: The residents of Sector 62 had an online meeting with Indu Prakash Singh, Officer on Special Duty, Noida Authority today. Residents shared four major issues in the meeting- vendors encroachment in the sector, mobile tower in front of Mecon Apartment and near a residential area, open drains, and Metro at Mecon Apartments doorstep. These four issues were shared with the OSD, which according to the residents, are pending for a very long time now, especially the open drain issue which has not been covered for the past 20 years.  Residents have written letters to the authority in the past but no action has been taken till now. According to the residents, this open drain is being dumped with untreated water, which emits gases and unbearable smells. This drain is positioned adjacent to the Mecon Society's boundary wall. 

Pushkar Raj Chandra, who lives on the ninth floor of Mecon Apartments near sector 62 metro station had earlier raised the demand for installation of sound barriers in 2015 after the metro work started. At the time, metro trials were going on. Residents living there say that there is a lot of noise when the metro passes. 

"On the complaint of noise levels exceeding the stipulated limits as per Noise Pollution Rules 2000, DMRC had assured that it would install sound barrier along the via ducts/tracks at entrance & exit of Metro Station at Sectors 61 & 62 Noida as per the recommendation of CSIR-CRRI in January 2018 before running the metro, so that people would not hear the sound coming from after running of metro, although till now it hasn’t been done”, said Pushkar Chandna.

SK Gupta, President, Fed. of Sector 62 RWAs, said, “This meeting took place with OSD regarding 4 problems. The first one was non-coverage of this big nallah that we have been fighting for since the last 20 years for its coverage but unfortunately, it has not been done yet.  The OSD told us that this issue can be sorted under CEO Noida Authority. The second was unauthorised encroachment by vendors in Sector 62. The third was related to mobile towers which are near residential areas.  The OSD said he will be able to see two problems, the encroachment one and the mobile towers issue. The other two issues would be resolved by the Noida Authority." 

Indu Prakash Singh, Officer on Special Duty, said, “The vendor encroachment issue will be sorted possibly by Monday as due to Diwali, the encroachment was increased but it will be solved now.  Metro and nallah issues will be seen by the CEO Noida Authority only. The open-drain issue is the most prominent issue which is there in many sectors of Noida and requires more budget. For that, residents will have to meet the Noida Authority CEO. For tower issues, we will send our officials to check the mobile tower distance from the residential area. The officials will check the distance and let the RWA know about it”.