Manage exam stress with these tips and tricks


Manage exam stress with these tips and tricks

"The parents and teachers can continuously feed in positive thoughts and feedback to the students"

Manage exam stress with these tips and tricks

Exams are round the corner and all the students have tightened up their seats to perform well this time, but we must not forget that examinations can be nerve wracking and it can lead to a lot of stress which ultimately affects the ability of an individual.

To perform well in exams it is necessary to stay concentrated, relaxed and focus more on how much you have studied rather than how long you have studied. Here, in this article, we will be discussing the better ways of studying, memorising and reducing exam anxiety.  

For students, situations can be overwhelming sometimes due to societal expectations. This way, they are not able to concentrate 100% and perform their best. Dr. Deepti Puranik, Assistant Professor and a Psychologist, suggests that reducing stress and anxiety can help students to enhance their performing ability in exams. So here are some ways to do so:  

Best way to relax yourself during exam times is to release stress by regular meditation for a minimum of 10 to 15 mins. 

Time management is another key for staying relaxed during the exams. For example, make a time table and list your chapters according to yourself. Enjoy your breaks and do not force yourself to study. 

Be factual, use all resources you have, look at the application and conceptual part. 

Parents and teachers should be supportive at this time. They can take help from the following written points to understand better ways of supporting students during exams and helping them to cope up with tension. :  

Dr. Deepti says, "The parents and teachers can continuously feed in positive thoughts and feedback to the students." 

To improve the self confidence of an individual, teachers should understand their weak points and help them overcome it. 

Parents need to ensure that their ward is getting enough sleep and eating well and should be available to take care of their child's needs.

Listening to the child's problems and helping them solve it can result in improvements.  

Other than that, students must be aware of the examinations way before and start preparing for it. With this setting, all the study resources at one place helps to avoid time and energy wastage. You can also take advice from your teachers and elders to know your mistakes and ways of improvement. Take proper sleep, stay hydrated and consume a balanced diet.   

While studying, many of the students come across trouble in memorising their chapters due to nervousness and fear of exams. This can take you towards the worst situations where students can also get irritated and stop studying but do not worry, here are some best mnemonic hacks you can try suggested by assistant professor and psychologist Dr. Deepti Puranik: 

Method of Loci: It is a memory enhancement technique in which a person can combine visualisation and familiar environment to recall the information. 

Peg word method : It is another mnemonic strategy which is used to remember lists whereby each item is associated in imagination with a number–word pair. 

Linking: This method is used to remember multiple items. It is called the link method because you associate or link the items together in order to recall them.

One can also use SQ3R and concept maps are another best tools for preparations.