Dwarka residents prep up to celebrate Chhath Puja
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Dwarka residents prep up to celebrate Chhath Puja

Chhath Puja is being organised in Dwarka at Sector 8 and Dada Dev mela ground

Dwarka residents prep up to celebrate Chhath Puja

One of the largest religious celebrations of the people from Poorvanchal in the National Capital Chhath Puja has started from yesterday. The initial ritual of Nahai-Khae  was performed by the devotees. After the green signal to organise the puja post pandemic since 2020, the preparation of Chhath Ghats is in full swing. 

In order to make the celebration of Chhath puja a success, the administration, government, community organisations and social organisations etc are busy in making the Chhath Ghaats up to the mark. It is being done so that devotees could get a smooth and comfortable place for worship while maintaining the Covid protocol. The Puja will take place on 10 and 11 November this year. 

At Sector 11, the Chhath Puja is being organised at large scale by Dwarka Religious Social and Cultural Association.  The construction of the ghats has been completed and the preparations are in the final stage. Organisers said that by 8th November, all the works would be done. President of the association, Robin Sharma said, "Our celebration has become very popular and seeing the increasing number of devotees, we have increased the number of ghaat from 25 earlier to 26 this year. The whole area is being covered with carpet so that people can sit comfortably. Besides that, there is also first aid facility and the medical facility if required for anybody at the ghaat. As far as the puja is concerned at ghaat, we are making a traditional havan bhavan to perform rituals. Apart from the necessary items for Arghya, Gangajal, Tulsi, raw cow milk etc would be arranged at the ghaat. Apart there would be free mehandi stall and tea stall for devotees and other visitors to the puja.”

Across the city, at many places, the arrangements have been upgraded by the involved organisations and the authorities. Dada Dev Mela Ground Chhath Ghat, Sector 8 DDA park Chhath Ghat, Sector 11 Chhath Ghat, Dwarka Dabri  Chhath Ghaat, Nasirpur Chhath Ghaat, Chhath Puja Ghaat, Durga Park West Delhi and so on are some of the biggest celebrations of the festival in Dwarka and its surrounding areas in West Delhi where thousands of people worship Sun God together.

Chhath Puja preparations at Sector 11, Dwarka 

Chhath Puja is being organised in Dwarka at Sector 8 and Dada Dev mela ground by Dwarka Palam Chhath Puja Samiti. As said by the president of the samiti, Shivaji Singh that this year puja would be simple and the focus would be on only rituals and no other programmes. “Post Covid, the prepration is being done. Ghaats already have been prepared with the support of the authority. We will try to ensure that Covid protocol is followed at puja premises. We also are doing our best to organise and manage the celebration. We have cleaned and maintained the ghaat and have arranged free raw cow milk and Gangajal and also the priests for the arghya for the evening and morning both. Several arrangements have been done for the devotees so that they could get a perfect religious atmosphere.”

There are various societies where pooja is being organised inside the society’s premises with support of RWAs and by the group of community people from poorvanchal. At some of the societies, the devotees would be doing pooja at the roof top in artificial water tanks. At Radhika Apartments, Sector 14, the pooja is being organised by Radhika Chhath Pooj Samiti. Ghaat has been made in the temple premises.

According to the organising committees of the area, people from other communities have also started the celebration of the festival in a very religious way like the people of UP and Bihar.