'Operation Varchasv' : Make Dwarka crime free
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'Operation Varchasv' : Make Dwarka crime free

The DCP has been tweeting about the achievements of the team.

'Operation Varchasv' : Make Dwarka crime free

The new DCP of Dwarka Shankar Chaudhary with his team is on a mission to make Dwarka crime-free. They have launched Project Varchasv where they are catching hold of criminals of the area. The DCP has been tweeting about the achievements of the team.

Cityspidey had a word with DCP Dwarka Shankar Chaudhary regarding the project. He said that if you win back the streets you will win back the hearts. Elaborating further, DCP explained the strategy behind "Operation Varchasv":

1. Preparation:  It is based on several PCR calls, cases registered in ICMS complaints, hotspots, peak timing were studied to form the Modus Operandi. 

2. Execution: the operation was launched based on the above data, dynamic patrolling plan and vehicles were placed accordingly.

3. Coordination: All the different units of the Dwarka district police, coordinated in specific tasks assigned to them under the overall supervision of DCP Dwarka.
 4. Monitoring: The outcome of the operation was monitored daily to ensure the success of the operation.  

The success of Operation Varchasv can be appreciated from the fact that within a month since the operation was launched, dreaded gangsters, robbers, carjackers, and snatchers have been caught. A befitting reply has been given by the teams of operation Varchasv to the criminals and pickpockets of the area. 








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DCP of Dwarka is doing a great job Against crime