Know all about Nita Ambani
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Know all about Nita Ambani

Nita Ambani makes sure that she never wears the same pair of shoes more than twice

Know all about Nita Ambani

Everything that shouts luxury belongs to the Ambani family. After all, with a combined net wealth of billions, the Ambanis can afford anything. With her strong social presence and style, Nita Ambani has many fans.

Nita Ambani oversees several foundations, including the Dhirubhai Ambani Group Of Schools. She is also a co-owner of the Mumbai Indians, an IPL franchise.

When it comes to Nita Ambani, all that glitters is gold. Nita's life is more magnificent than ever as she approaches her 58th birthday. Here are a few spectacles of Nita’s billion-dollar lifestyle, which includes some of the world's most valuable possessions. Not to forget, exclusive and personalized.

Not your ordinary Lipstick!

Nita Ambani has personal range of lipsticks

Nita Ambani has a passion for lipsticks. She has a collection of custom-made lipsticks that have been carefully selected to compliment her looks. Silver and gold are said to be used in the packaging of these lipstick bottles. The total cost of the collection is roughly INR 40 lac.

The Jaw-dropping Handbag collection

A luxurious range of bags

Nita owns a collection of high-end handbags like Jimmy Choo and Goyard. Each bag costs roughly INR 5 lakh. Nita Ambani was recently photographed in London with the Kapoor sisters, and all eyes were on her purse. Nita was seen carrying a Hermes purse made of Himalayan Crocodile Skin. This is one of the most costly bag brands. The handbag is encrusted with gold and diamonds. It was auctioned last year for USD 300,322.

Those sparkling sarees!

Nita Ambani in real gold saree

Nita Ambani wears sarees almost every day. She likes to keep things conventional. She has some of the most costly sarees from all around the globe in her closet. Nita Ambani donned a heavily adorned saree to an occasion with handwoven art, paintings, genuine gold, diamonds, and emeralds. This voluminous saree costs a whooping 40 lakh rupees.

Tea Set direct from Japan

Imported crockery

Nita Ambani starts her day with a cup of tea provided by Noritake, Japan's oldest crockery brand. The Ambani residence's dinnerware is studded with gold and platinum. It was particularly ordered from Japan's oldest crockery, which costs about INR 1.5 crore. If we reduce the price of a cup by half, it will cost roughly INR 3 lac.

Watches that can make a statement

those dear watches

If you keep an eye on Nita Ambani closely, you'll notice that she wears some of the most costly watches in the world. She owns a large collection of Rado, Gucci, Calvin Klein, and Bvlgari watches, among others.

Worthwhile shoes!

Nita Ambani's shoe collection

Nita Ambani makes sure that she never wears the same pair of shoes more than twice. Nita Ambani owns a sizable collection of Jimmy Choo, Marlin, Padro, and Garcia branded shoes. The starting price of these brands' shoes is in lakhs. Now you know why Nita Ambani's wardrobe is brimming with designer shoes. Who wants to wear the same shoes twice?

Awestruck Jewellery Collection

Stunning jewels 

Nita Ambani has been spotted wearing some very ethereal pieces of jewellery on several occasions. Nita Ambani's jewellery collection includes magnificent items from renowned designers throughout the world, ranging from dramatic diamond chokers to traditional gold jewellery to diamond rings.

Deluxe Corporate Jet

Nita Ambani in front of Airbus 319

Nita Ambani also has a luxurious business jet called Airbus 319 valued at INR 240 crore. This was a gift from Mukesh Ambani, Nita Ambani's husband. With a business centre, satellite television, a cabin for music and gaming, and much more, the Airbus 319 screams luxury.