‘Government must consider measures other than lockdown' say Noida traders
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‘Government must consider measures other than lockdown' say Noida traders

The worst effect of repeated lockdowns fall on the market

‘Government must consider measures other than lockdown' say Noida traders

The Supreme Court has taken a tough stand on the increasing pollution in Delhi-NCR. During the hearing on pollution on Saturday, it asked the Centre and the Delhi government to inform by Monday if emergency measures like “lockdown for two days” or “stopping personal vehicles” should be imposed to curb the pollution.

CitySpidey talked to Sushil Kumar Jain, President, 18 Market Association. He said, "The government has to give its vote on the suggestion given by the Supreme Court in 2 days. If lockdown is the solution for every problem, then the economy will start going down again. And people will face trouble in their livelihood because the worst effect of repeated lockdown falls on the market. With the closure of the market, it becomes difficult for the trader to run their houses.

Mr Sushil Kumar also said that it is a universal truth that the level of pollution is very dangerous. The government takes measures to prevent pollution every year, every day. Measures should be taken so that this problem can be avoided every year.  Most of the orders are to be taken but with the AQI so terrible, it becomes difficult to breathe."

He added, “The markets also get their breath through trade. If there are frequent lockdowns, it will be very difficult for the traders to survive in the markets. This time, the customer has been seen in the market after 2 years from Dussehra to Diwali. The season of weddings will start for 1 month now. People will come for shopping for these occasions.

He emphasized that if the lockdowns are imposed now, then the merchants who have filled the goods in their establishments will not be able to sell them. That's why our advice is to consider options other than lockdown. And the government should pay attention to the revenue received by the government from the traders and the market."

Talking about solutions, Mr Kumar said, “A better solution in this regard would be that government and private offices should follow the plan of their employees to work from home. People should be called to the office only when necessary. As before, under the lockdown, everyone has worked from home. There can be many other solutions. Only public transport should be used for some time. All other vehicles can be banned. Other measures such as the installation of smoke towers should be done at places. The cleaning of roads by sprinkling water should be increased. It is known to all that if all these measures are taken on a day-to-day basis, then the pollution should never increase."