17 years of Veer Zaara
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17 years of Veer Zaara

Here is recounting the film's most iconic dialogues

17 years of Veer Zaara

Veer- Zaara is not just an ordinary Bollywood love story. With its story, it became a symbol of love across borders. A cross-border love story about a Pakistani girl and an Indian man left an indelible imprint on the hearts of all fans. It’s one of the classics Bollywood has, which is cherished by every generation.

Shah Rukh Khan played Veer Pratap Singh, an Indian Air Force officer, in this romantic film. He falls in love with Zaara Hayaat Khan, Preity Zinta, a beautiful Pakistani girl from a wealthy political family in Lahore. The film gives elements of love, separation, courage, and sacrifice that unfolds over time.

Veer Zaara is considered to be one of Yash Chopra's best films. Beyond everything, it was without jingoes and hyper-nationalism. It was about a holy, whole-hearted love, and true love.

17 years ago, this beautiful masterpiece was released, becoming timeless for the years to come. Veer Zara had the finest cast and exemplary director of all time. No movie can ever replace the love we have for our favourite Veer and Zaara.

Here is recounting the most iconic dialogues of this film:

Sarhad Paar Ek Aisa Shaksh Hai, Joh Aapke Liye Apni Jaan Bhi De Dega:

Who can forget this legendary dialogue, delivered by immense grace by Shah Rukh Khan.

Mai qaidi number 786 jail ki salakho ke bahar dekhta hu
No matter how many times we see Veer Zaara, one has to be teary eyed at the end of this monologue.
Shahrukh Khan main Qaidi number 786  best poet Veer Zara movies

Yeh Kis Sadi Ke Log Hain
Rani Mukherjee along with a Filmfare also won our hearts with her sincere performance in the movie.

Mere Desh Ki Har Maa, Aap Jaisi Zaroor Hai

The unforgettable “Tere Liye.” is bliss to your ear and heart. Veer Zaara's music is also well-known, thanks to the late Madan Mohan's unreleased and excellent soundtracks such as 'Tere Liye.' Yash Chopra loved the song so much that it was his ringtone until the day he died.

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nice movie