30 years of stench


30 years of stench

3 sectors in Arun Vihar have been grappling with the toxic gases from an open drain

30 years of stench

Noida: The residents of Sector 28, 29 and Sector 37 of Arun Vihar, Noida are grappling with the unbearable stench from the last 30 years passing through the middle of Arun Vihar Society. Arun Vihar’s main population includes several 70 plus retired Defense officers. It has become difficult for people to breathe due to its foul smell. The Ex-Servicemen have taken up a campaign to get freedom from this dirt.

Over flooded Nala at Arun Vihar

The Noida Authority cleans the drain sporadically, but again it comes into the same condition, say, residents. A meeting was held on 10th November among Noida Authority officials, National Environmental Engineering Research Institute Scientist Dr Ritesh Vijay along with Dr Sanjeev Goyal, another well-Known Scientist from NEERI Delhi. By the efforts of the residents, this meeting was held virtually for finding the best practical solution to resolve the Ganda Naala issue. In conclusion to this meeting, NEERI Officers will be Visiting NOIDA very shortly, for a ground Survey. Many meetings have been already conducted on this. However, it has already impacted many people living there financially as well as physically.

Col AK Kalra [Retd], who sees naala every day when he passes from his house for decades is now suffering from a lung disease along with his wife. The couple lives very near to this Naala. This filthy Naala has made these senior citizens detached from their son and his family who live in a different country. “Our son doesn't visit us because he says that this naala can be harmful to their 4-year-old child. Which is true. He calls us to come to his place. I happen to stay just next to this Nallah that is why we are facing the maximum pain. You can say we have become used to its bad smell. But we have no option. Our ACs get filled with harmful chemicals. As a result, we have to get it refilled with gas three times in one season since every time it gets rusted. Mechanics say that it is due to the harmful gas that emanates at all times from this drain. Even our TV gets dysfunctional. I have stopped purchasing new ACs and now I get rented one. Some people say it cannot be covered and I fail to understand why. In Delhi, so many big Nallah had been covered so why not here? I took over this house in 1988, this problem persists. Since the level is getting increased day by day. This Nala causes flooding in Arun Vihar during rains. The choked Nala fills up and overflows. All water enters our lanes including submerging ground floor lawns", said Kalra.

breeding ground for germs and diseases

“In Arun Vihar (Sectors-28, 29, 37), the Ganda Nallah is affecting life across 3 sectors. An open site for garbage dumping animals to fall into this open drain. It emits extremely toxic, foul-smelling, metal corrosive gases. All the metal gadgets and machinery of the houses near the naala get corroded. Due to this, several residents use rented gadgets to avoid heavy constant expenditure on consumer goods. The stench is terrible and rises at any time of day and night. Bordering along the open Nala, my Ward-2A, Sector-28 is amongst the key victims of this drain’s atrocities. This drain is open and so naturally garbage is often dumped into and around it at places. This leads to infections breeding, causing serious human health issues too. It was not covered in the deadly COVID times and also now when UP is battling a variety of mosquito & virus-related diseases. A few months back even a dead body was found in it”, says Rakhi Sinha, resident of the society.

“Ganda Nala has its effects all over Arun Vihar. To spread awareness, we celebrated the 75th Independence day by organising a painting and essay writing competition for Arun Vihar Residents Children, the topic of both the competitions were, 'Impact of Ganda Nalla on our life'. The stench emanating from the drain also poses a threat to electronic appliances. The condition is such that any appliance that has copper wires in it starts to malfunction within a month”, said Kavita Jamil, Vice Chairperson, Arun Vihar RWA [AVRWA]