Noida- A cycle and a back full of dreams
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Noida- A cycle and a back full of dreams

The cycles which they provide are the ones that were lying unused and donated by people

Noida-  A cycle and a back full of dreams

Noida: 17 years old Suraj BK used to borrow his friend’s cycle to chase his dream as a footballer. His usual route is Maharana Pratap Khora Colony,  Agahpur, Noida to his football club, Delhi. Suraj plays for the Delhi Football club and is passionate about becoming a great footballer in the future. 

BK's mother is a housemaid and his father is jobless right now. Sai Kripa Ngo, a Non-profit organization in Noida is sponsoring Suraj’s education. Despite all the challenges Suraj is passionate about his football career. 

Yesterday, Suraj received a cycle and now he doesn’t have to borrow from any of his friends to commute. All was possible with the help of Pushpakta Foundation, an organization that is working towards helping underprivileged kids by providing cycles to them free of cost. These cycles which they provide are those which were lying unused and donated by people. 

Cycle enthusiasts donating cycles under the initiative

Sai Kripa Ngo and Pushpakta Foundation have joined hands to make this initiative successful. Tarun Wadhwa, Founder of Pushpakta Foundation, and a Noida-based cyclist said, “All the donations done by people in the financial form are being used in repairing the cycles to bring back life to them and make them good as new. We thank SAI KRIPA NGO also for allowing us to associate with them and giving us information about kids who need them in life. This donation will help these kids to save time and money spent on travel to school. We wish these kids a healthy future and an active lifestyle. This was our first donation drive to bring smiles to children's faces. This way these kids can save their day to day expenses of commuting and also can live a healthy life”.

Rajiva Singh, cyclist, donates a cycle

Arun Gaur, a member of Sai Kripa Ngo said, “Tarun and I met and he told me that he had arranged some cycles wondering if we have the beneficiaries to utilize these cycles. For the last 33 years, we have been running Saikripa Ngo, we have a home for orphan children and a non-formal school also. In our Non-formal school, we have few children who need cycles to commute from their homes to school and tuition. Through Tarun, we distributed cycles 9-10 cycles to them. The children are very happy after receiving their cycles and all of them are from underprivileged backgrounds. Such initiatives help them to grow in a much better manner”.

Many cyclers from Noida have actively participated in this initiative and donated their old cycle bringing smiles to many faces.