5 chefs on Instagram you can follow to bless your feed
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5 chefs on Instagram you can follow to bless your feed

Pooja Dhingra runs India’s first macaron store!

5 chefs on Instagram you can follow to bless your feed

Chefs are some of the most interesting people to follow on Instagram. It doesn't matter if you're on a diet, or not. They just make your Instagram feed look a whole lot prettier than the faces you come across in your day-to-day life.

I mean, let's face it, you'd rather look at pictures of delicious food that you wish you could eat but can't than to talk to people right in front of you who may dress like a million bucks but don't have much else.

So, now that we have that settled, here's five Indian chefs who make your Instagram feed look like edible rainbows and well, just make your day seem better than it really is, to be honest. From how they cook to where they travel and what their favourite food is from around the world, these chefs will give you major food inspiration for every day that you don't find a reason to exist.

Pooja Dhingra, @poojadhingra

If you love macarons, you cannot help but follow Pooja Dhingra on Instagram. This pastry chef runs India’s first macaron store! In addition to being the proud owner of Le15 Patisserie, she is also a celebrated author. 2.1 million people already follow her on Instagram and, trust us, her feed truly does reflect her passion. Follow her to satisfy your inner sweet tooth with a dose of colourful, beautiful macaron pics.
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A post shared by Shivesh Bhatia (@shivesh17)

Shivesh, 22, is a baking sensation on Instagram. This self-taught baker is religiously followed by over 170,000 people who wait for his picture-perfect baking shots and delicious recipes. He has a YouTube channel as well, and loves spreading joy through his sweet cooking. So, if you are a baking enthusiast, follow Shivesh because you never know what you might learn!

Saransh Goila, @saranshgoila

If you love butter chicken, chances are you’ve already heard of Saransh Goila. He owns a popular restaurant in Mumbai called 'Goila Butter Chicken,' and has authored the acclaimed travelogue, India on My Platter. Recently, he was even invited as a guest judge on MasterChef Australia’s 10th season where contestants prepared his famous butter chicken recipe. Over 165,000 people are following on Instagram to relish his drool-worthy butter chicken recipe.


Archana’s Kitchen started off as a personal blog but soon gathered  182,000 followers on Instagram, all due to the easy-to-follow healthy recipes being shared by Archana herself. If you are looking to get some zest in your everyday cooking, then @Archanaskitchen on Instagram is a good place to find your daily dose of inspiration. The food pics are simply irresistible and eclectic!

Thomas Zacharias, @Cheftzac


A post shared by Thomas Zacharias (@cheftzac)

With over 123k followers, ex-chef of The Bombay Canteen in Mumbai is one of the very popular chefs on social media. His posts encourage individuals to experiment with conventional Indian components similar to millets and greens which might be native to the nation. His love for these displays not solely his meals on the restaurant but  additionally by means of his journey collection #chefontheroad. So far, he’s visited some distant elements of North East, Tamil Nadu,  Maharashtra, and more in search of conventional regional delicacies.

We hope these tasty Instagram accounts run by famous Indian chefs offer you all the food inspiration you’re looking for. Bon appétit!