Think before you ink
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Think before you ink

Tattoo parlours are mushrooming across the NCR, and there are no regulations to guide them. Are you getting your tattoos done from a safe place?

Think before you ink

Getting a tattoo is cool. Sure. But what about the health hazards associated with it? Dermatologists are of the opinion that tattooed individuals carry a high risk of being infected with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV and several other skin diseases, as the process involves use of needles that are often not sanitised.

The fact has been corroborated by Dr Neeraj Mehta of Civil Hospital, Gurgaon. He says, “A number of young people are opting for blood donations and quite a few of them are tattooed. In the past five years, the number of people infected has gone up and more than 5 per cent of donors are rejected because they belong to the special category of tattooed blood donors.”

He further adds, “There is always the chance of Hepatitis B spread. In rare cases, HIV and Hepatitis C infections are also possible through unsanitary use of needles. Even six months after the process, it’s best to get a blood test done to avoid any chance of infection. Most of them don't know the rules. But it is important that these regulations are strictly adhered to.”

Gurgaon-based dermatologist and cosmetologist Ramanjeet Singh says that he has been receiving 25-30 patients every month, who are suffering from various skin ailments owing to body tattooing. “A great deal of caution is required during the piercing process to reduce chances of infection. Tattoo parlours are mushrooming across the city, and there are no regulations to guide them. There is no safety tag on the needles they use. Studies have proved that there are 6-30 per cent chances of Hepatitis B transfusion through infected needles.”

So do think twice before you get your body inked.