Noida: Security guards save two children and a woman from fire
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Noida: Security guards save two children and a woman from fire

The security guards handled the situation within half an hour

Noida: Security guards save two children and a woman from fire

The security staff at the Noida’s Paramount Floraville society came out in flying colours as they saved a family of three from a fire in their apartments. The timely action by the staff also made sure that the fire did not spread further.

On the morning of November 21, 2021, a fire broke out in Noida’s Paramount Floraville society, Sector 137. In the fire, three members of the family, including a toddler were trapped in a 7th floor flat of the 18 storey building. According to the residents, the fire broke out at around 7 am and the mother and her two daughters were evacuated safely.

Residents said that it was the security staff who did a great job. As per the residents, the security staff handled the situation within half an hour and saved the woman and two children. The security staff has been having fire-fighting mock-ups every week, say, residents. Though the exact reason for the fire has not come out, some residents alleged that it was cigarette buds from someone above their floor that caused the fire outbreak. Only one floor was affected.

Badan Singh Yadav (50), from Aligarh Post Dadon, Uttar Pradesh, has been working in Paramount Floraville society as a security guard for the last 2 years. He was the one who noticed the fire on the balcony and immediately acted in order to save the life of the residents. He says, “At around 7:15, in apartment 704 of tower 16, the fire broke out. Our duty was in tower 6. We suddenly noticed smoke coming out of an apartment. We shouted, called the rest of the guards, and reached the spot. The fire broke out in the balcony where there were clothes hanging. Two children and their mother were present in the apartment. They panicked after seeing the fire and rushed to the other balcony and asked for help. We went to the apartment and tried to put out the fire. As the fire was extinguished, we took the family out. Everyone, along with the maintenance team, reacted within 5 minutes to help with the situation. We weren't really concerned about what could happen to us, the only thing in our minds was to save the family. We have been given training sessions twice a month, so we know how to handle emergency situations.”

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