Fighting crime is just a click away
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Fighting crime is just a click away

Save lives, prevent robberies, help a victim or crack a case. Informer, an upcoming app by the Noida Police, empowers you to be the neighbourhood sleuth.

Fighting crime is just a click away

Hot on the heels of SSP's Twitter account and Whatsapp group for women's safety, comes Noida Police's new mobile app, Informer.

This will enable residents to inform the police about suspicious activities or law and order problems in their neighbourhood.

This initiative, taken  by the SSP, Noida, Kiran S, aims to improve community policing. 

'Informers' will be able to capture pictures or videos of incidents and suspects through the app. These can be directly accessed by the police control room. The informer's identity is kept secret.

Residents of different RWAs across Noida are stoked. However, they want Noida Police to ensure that the app reaches all residents of the city.

"Residents will be able to inform the police in a snap," says Senior Vice President of Federation of Noida Resident Welfare Association (FONRWA), Brigadier (Retd) Ashok Hak.

“This app is bound to be an instant hit, given the masses are aware of it. If Police can ensure instant action on the information received, people will definitely trust this app,” he added.

Pradeep Saxena, the General Secretary of Express View Apartment, echoed similar views. Saxena said, “It will be a huge relief to residents if the app can be used to lodge complaints as well".