These Winter snackers will cure your winter blues
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These Winter snackers will cure your winter blues

Enjoy munching on something healthy and delicious during winters

These Winter snackers will cure your winter blues

The cold winds of Winter bring with them an increased flavour and joy in food. Nothing beats enjoying snacks in the comfort of nippy weather and warm mittens.

Every season has its specialties when it comes to food products. For Winters, there are different variants of chikki, gajak and other sweetmeats made with jaggery, and dry fruits. The best part about these food products is that they help you keep warm and healthy during the season.

To help you stock your home with snacking essentials for winters, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular packs of winter snacks that you can munch on:

Gond Ka Ladoo

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It is made out of edible gum extracted from tree bark. This is one such dessert that you can eat throughout the year but can use its special nutritional powers to beat the chills of winter. The Ladoo can keep you warm since it is said to be super heaty, thus heating your insides. Once prepared, it can be kept for quite a long time, sometimes even for months.


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The Indian nutritious bar of nuts and jaggery is a perfect crispy dessert. You can ditch your chocolates for this healthy sweet substitute. It serves as a snack, a good dessert or just something to munch on while you beat your boredom. A chikki a day is sure to keep the winter chills away!


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Panjiri is a delicious wheat mixture of ghee, sugar, and lots of almonds. You can keep eating it without realising the amount you've gorged on. The goodness of ghee and nuts will keep you fit and glowing during the winters, so why just stop at one serving?


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Another healthy alternative for sugar, jaggery (or gud) is synonymous with winter indulgence. Besides being aromatic and delicious, it is loaded with iron and several other minerals that make it a great addition to your overall diet. Have it as is or add it to your favourite dessert - jaggery defines wholesome goodness in every way.

Dry Fruits

Let's agree - dry fruits are rightly considered superfoods. Almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, anjeer etc are loaded with every essential nutrient and can be a great addition to your winter diet. You can have these dried fruits and nuts as is or add them to your glass of milk, sweets, halwa, and more.

Malai Makhan

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Malai Makhan, also known as Nimish or Daulat ki Chaat is a seasonal dessert available between October and March. Rich in preparation, lighter in taste, this drink is made by churning milk and cream until it evolves into a feathery-froth. It is finally embellished with dry fruits, khoya, or saffron. It makes for a great early morning winter snack after a hearty breakfast.

So now you know what winter snacks are to keep you warm and fuzzy. Which is your favourite winter food? Share your memories attached to a winter snack with us in the comments below!