GreNo West to get a new STP


GreNo West to get a new STP

The treated water from STP can be used for the irrigation of trees and plants

GreNo West to get a new STP

In view of the growing population of Greater Noida West, the Greater Noida Industrial and Development Authority has decided to set up a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). The plant that would be of a capacity of 80 million liters per day is going to be set up in Sector 1 on an area of ​​32000 square meters.

The tender for the STP is ready to be floated very soon. In the first phase, the plant will treat 20 MLD of sewage. Later on, this capacity would be expanded as per the requirement.
Around 200 builder societies are coming up in Greater Noida West. People have also started living in more than 60 of these societies. The population living in villages and sectors is different from this. In the coming time, the population here will increase rapidly. Most of the large societies have their own STPs, but some societies, sectors, and populations of villages, educational institutions, and industries need STP.

On the instructions of Greater Noida Authority CEO Narendra Bhushan, the water-sewer department proposed an 80 MLD capacity STP for Greater Noida West, which was approved. As of now, its paperwork has been completed. The tender for its construction is going to be issued very soon. It will cost around Rs 60 crore to make it. It has been decided to build this STP in four phases.
Narendra Bhushan, CEO, Greater Noida Authority, intends that the paperwork process of this STP should be completed before the notification of the UP election comes up. The aim is that the construction of the plant could start at the earliest.

Benefits of the STP

There will be several benefits from the formation of this STP besides the obvious benefit of reduction in water pollution. The treated water from STP can be used for the irrigation of trees and plants. Wherever construction is going on, this water can be used. This will reduce the use of groundwater. Sewer being treated from these four plants

Four STPs are already running in Greater Noida. Sewer is being treated at 137 MLD STP in Kasna. 2 MLD capacity STP is cleaning the sewer in Badalpur. 15 MLD sewer is being treated in Ecotech II and 20 MLD in  Ecotech III. The treated water from these STPs is being used for irrigation and construction works.