Gurgaon- Residents come together to demand resolution of long pending issues
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Gurgaon- Residents come together to demand resolution of long pending issues

The Residents of sectors 99 to 106 of Dwarka Expressway, Gurugram have formed a group

Gurgaon- Residents come together to demand resolution of long pending issues

“The father of one of my acquaintances in our housing society suffered a horrific accidental death in a hit and run case. He was 70 and was walking back home from the nearby market. The accident took place after dark in the evening on September 30, 2021. One of the main reasons for the accident was the missing streetlights. The disturbing fact is that even after this tragic happening, the streetlights around our housing society do not work,” says Hritesh Choudhary (40), resident of Habitat, Sector-99A.

To counter such apathy from the authorities the residents of sectors 99 to 106 of Dwarka Expressway, Gurugram has formed a resident group. The group has two representatives each from a total of 10 housing societies in the area.
Following the meeting where the resident body was formed the residents raised various infrastructure-related common issues. This was followed by the forming of some sub-committees to deal with and follow up the issues with the Government Department concerned.

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Hritesh Choudhary (40), a resident of Habitat, Sector-99A, Gurgaon, said, “We, the residents are regularly facing issues related to water, electricity, security, safety, and transportation. The streetlights are not working from Dhankot Chowk to Habitat Society, we are requesting to set up a public transport (bus) facility to cover our society for daily commuters. As of now this is a single society, isolated and situated in the extreme corner of the sector, we have been requesting an increase of police patrolling towards the society in the evening time. Apart from this, there are many more issues which need to be looked after”.

Sandeep Fogaat, 40, a resident of Emaar Gurgaon Greens, Sector 102, said, “We are facing many issues in our society. The common maintenance services in the society are in a poor state even after we pay huge common area maintenance charges. Apart from this, till now the developer has not cleaned the water tanks. Residents also haven't got PNG gas connection yet”.

Sunil Sareen, 56, a resident of Emaar Imperial Gardens, Sector 102, Gurgugram, said, “We are worried because of the huge drainage water accumulation adjacent to the society. This waterlogging can be seen in Sector 100 during the whole year. The situation gets worse during the monsoon. The condition is pathetic. We are deprived of proper sewage drainage facilities, good roads, parks, and more.”

Parveen Thakur, 41, resident of Habitat Society, Sector 99A, said, “We have several issues in our society, including a requirement for children's park, lack of sewerage connection, missing speed breakers on the 75-metre road in front of the society, and traffic light on Gurgaon Jhajjar Road in front of Suncity road towards 99A among many more”.

This residents association has been made to address all these issues. Nearly 10 societies are part of this association, with 2 residents from each society.