Ways to spruce your office desk!
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Ways to spruce your office desk!

Make your workspace more fun to sit in all-day

Ways to spruce your office desk!

For those of us who make that daily journey to our offices to do a job that ties us down to our working desk, this article will make a lot of good sense.
A substantial amount of time spent on the working desk can become quite mundane, predictable, and uninspiring. While many of us may not have the power or authority to assert any change in our workload and day-to-day activities, but we can make some pleasing and positive changes to our workspace.

Our office desk in some ways represents who we are as a person. Our desk can reveal our likes, hobbies, and even traits. But this only happens when we put a little work into creating a more ‘homely’ environment.

A dull, bland, and grey desk can have a negative effect on our mood while we work. Personalising and decorating our workspace can have a significant improvement on our overall job satisfaction. While some people may see this as office clutter, others will see it as a meaningful personal display.

So with this in mind, here are some ways to help personalise your office workspace.

Desk plant

Bringing a bit of the outside in, can make a world of difference.  Various studies have been conducted looking at the effects of plants within the workplace. Not only will a desk planet help brighten up your desk, but it will also help you complete tasks faster.

Tip: Some types can actually purify the air in your office. If you don’t think your gardening abilities are up to par, try a low-maintenance variety, like succulents.

Quirky Stationery

We all enjoy getting some new stationery to fit into our pencil pot, so why not go all out and grab something which no one else has got. From pencil toppers to quirky sticky notes, these items are normally bright and inviting which is sure to put a smile on your face.

Light-up Lamps

Depending on the lighting within your office, you may need your own personal lamp. A lamp can add a huge amount to the atmosphere of your workspace. But instead of opting for the more traditional business looking lamps, why not go for something more homely.

Perfect pillow

Sitting all day can take its toll. You can invest in a comfy chair pillow. Not only will it look nice, but it will also keep your tushy comfy throughout the day.

Sticky colourful keyboard keys

A pre-made personalised keyboard can be quite pricey. But there are such things as keyboard stickers. These allow you to easily add colour and art to your keyboard, making it look unique and interesting.

Use magnets or push pins

These are small ways to give your cubicle wall a little life, even if you’re not planning a full workspace makeover. Opt for fun magnets and  push pins for your magnetic or corkboard. It’s a simple, cheap way to make a statement. And they’re so small, that you can really get crazy with bright colours.

Personalized that coffee mug

Coffee, coffee, coffee. Copious amounts of coffee are consumed throughout offices up and down the country. Inject a bit of personality into your morning routine with a personalised mug.

Tell us your creative ways to make your workspace feel more personal in the comment section below!!