Thanksgiving 2021: Enjoy the thanksgiving episodes of FRIENDS
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Thanksgiving 2021: Enjoy the thanksgiving episodes of FRIENDS

Grab your fat pants or your grilled cheese and enjoy the Thanksgiving episodes of friends

Thanksgiving 2021: Enjoy the thanksgiving episodes of FRIENDS

Thanksgiving is a special holiday, accompanied by family, friends, and a delicious feast that only comes around once every 365 days. It's certainly worth commemorating the day of gratitude (which falls on November 25 this year, FYI!) and stuffing your face with all the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie that your stomach can handle with a Friends binge-watching session, of course.

With a highly anticipated reunion special in the works, the hit '90s sitcom still has a loyal fan base 16 years after its last episode aired. Throughout its 10 seasons, Friends celebrated the holiday with viewers, blessing us with a memorable Thanksgiving Day episode each year.

Whether or not you know the episodes by heart, our list quickly refreshes you of the gang’s different storylines. From Monica’s broken wedding china to the Geller Cup to Rachel’s Thanksgiving Trifle dessert, there wasn’t a Friends Thanksgiving Day episode that didn’t make us laugh.

Well well, grab your fat pants or your grilled cheese and bag of Funyuns, if you’re Chandler and enjoy the best Thanksgiving episodes of Friends-

Season 1, Episode 9 “The One Where Underdog Gets Away”

My long-standing fear of getting locked out of my apartment with the oven on was arguably ushered into the world during my first viewing of this episode, many Thanksgivings ago. This is the first Thanksgiving episode of Friends, and while everyone’s still settling awkwardly into their characters, it’s very sweet to watch them all enjoy grilled cheese together after their original plans fall through and sow the seeds of what will eventually be an eternal bond.

Season- 3, Episode-9 “The one with the Football”

Well, what to say about this ‘thanksgiving episode where Monica and Ross shared their competitive history with the rest of the gang as they played a "friendly" game of touch football. Things quickly got out of hand after Monica unveils the Geller Cup, or as Chandler describes it, 'a Troll doll nailed to a two by four'. Each character gets a chance to shine out on the makeshift football field, even Rachel once she's given the ball. When it's finally time to eat, Ross and Monica are left out in the snow wrestling over the ball.

Season 4, Episode-8 “The One with Chandler in a Box"

I laughed a lot in this episode where Chandler tries his best to make amends with Joey in 'The One with Chandler in a Box', which is a continuation of the love triangle storyline between them and Kathy. He does this by sitting in a crate for hours while everyone enjoys Thanksgiving around him. When Chandler's finger waves goodbye to Kathy, it has to be one of the most heartbreaking moments throughout  Friends' entire ten seasons.

Away from that drama, who remembers an eyepatch-wearing Monica invites Richard's son to dinner, kisses him, and immediately regrets it for obvious reasons.

Season 5, Episode- 8, "The One with All the Thanksgivings"

Episodes that flashback to the group's teenage years are always fun just to see Monica, Rachel, Ross and Chandler wearing ridiculous era-appropriate clothing. The gang share their version of events from Thanksgivings gone by which eventually leads to the revelation of how Chandler lost the tip of his toe.

In what has now become iconic, but never to be imitated scene, Monica puts a turkey on her head and dances around for her secret boyfriend, prompting him to admit he loves her for the first time.

Season 6 – Episode 9 “The One Where Ross Got High”

A more accurate title for this Season 6 episode would be "The One Where Rachel Ruins the Trifle" because that's the real reason this episode is so fondly remembered.

While Chandler is trying desperately to get Monica's parents to like  him, Rachel is let loose in the kitchen where she makes her classic cooking cock-up with a dessert that is a part trifle, part shepherd's pie. Of course, it tastes terrible, though Joey seems to like it.

Season 8, Episode- 9, “The One with the Rumor"

2001 was a different time and one of the biggest in-jokes here is that  Brad Pitt, who was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time, plays  someone who hates her. It's revealed he and Ross were in the "I Hate  Rachel Green Club," along with an exchange student from Thailand.

Ross and Rachel bury the hatchet eventually and Phoebe manages to get  the hug from Will she'd been pining for throughout the whole episode.

There you have it, a whole day’s worth of Thanksgiving TV binging!  Could we be any more thoughtful?

You can watch these Thanksgiving episodes of Friends on Netflix as all  ten seasons are available to watch now.