Paint your nails with these hues this season
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Paint your nails with these hues this season

Warm chocolate tones will also be popular this winter

Paint your nails with these hues this season

When it comes to winter fashion and cosmetics palettes, the colours tend to be darker and moodier. While some colours, like burgundy, navy, emerald, and silver, are classic winter go-tos, it's vital to remember that there is always some scope to mix things up. The most popular winter nail colours are basic core hues that have been brightened, deepened, or lightened. What sets them apart is their take on the traditional winter tones. Here is the list of colors of nail paints for your winter blues.

Muted Mauve

Credit: Ubuy

Mauve is the great in-between colour for winters, as it is neither pink nor berry. This nail paint's warm tones can brighten up your chilly nights.



Credit: Byrdie

Warm chocolate tones will also be popular this winter. Despite the fact that the season is known for its cold weather, a warm mocha tint will help you get a hot look fit for the season.

Cobalt Blue

Credit: Via Trading

Another blue hue for your winter nails. You simply can't go wrong with cobalt blue. It is a cool colour and gives the perfect winter vibes.


Deep English Green

Credit: Pinterest

In the winter, deep, dark green colours are always welcome. The pine-tinted colour is given a nostalgic twist by a deep English green. We're not sure about you, but we're getting old green leather meets green glass lamp feelings right now.


Credit: IMBB

Red nails remain in fashion all year long. A bit darker version of it is one of the best colours you could choose for winters. It has a lovely glossy finish that is chip resistant.


Sandstone Orange

Credit: Pinterest

Sandstone orange, which is close to terracotta, will dominate Winter 2021 manicure trends, breaking away from the usual ultra-dark, semi-brown tones. It also makes us realise that perhaps more than ever before, we're longing for warmer, brighter days ahead this winter.

Moody Blue


When blue becomes so pale and melancholy that it almost appears grey, it's a color worth wearing this winter. We believe that in winter, blue-gray colour are in high demand.


Silvery Chrome

Forget about the traditional, gleaming silver. High-shine chrome, according to Goldstein, is the way to go for Winter 2021. The vibrant colour is more dynamic than standard silver, giving it an unexpected attraction.