Build your Christmas playlist with these songs
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Build your Christmas playlist with these songs

We have a list of classic Christmas songs, especially for your snowy holiday!

Build your Christmas playlist with these songs

Christmas carols start to hit the radio as soon as the calendar hits Thanksgiving and after the last two years, who can blame anyone for starting the cheer a little early? But no other musical genre has warranted as many covers and remakes as holiday music. There are a lot of Christmas songs along with several versions of them for you to vibe to. From children to adults, everyone can be seen humming Christmas carols. City lights, white snow, sparkling gifts and floral decoration, this is what Christmas is all about.

We have a list of classic Christmas songs, especially for your snowy holiday!

"Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee was belting away on a future Christmas classic that would sell 25 million copies when most 13-year-olds were busy opening Easy-Bake Ovens and G.I. Joes on Christmas morning in 1958. Needless to say, no holiday celebration is complete without a spirited rendition of this while waiting for Santa to descend the chimney.

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"Run Rudolph Run," Chuck Berry

The uptempo boogie from the genuine father of American rock n' roll (sorry Elvis), 'Run Rudolph Run' is the perfect remedy for the Christmas chills and keeps you jiggling throughout the snowy ecve. 

Blue Christmas, Elvis Presley

'Blue Christmas' is alike a warm hug on a chilly Christmas eve. You can add this song in your Christmas playlist without any second thought. Voice of Elvis Presley along with fairy lights and Christmas decorations around you, there is nothing else that can make your Christmas celebrations better. 

Christmas in Hollis, Run-DMC

Run-DMC released the ultimate modern holiday song, 'Christmas in Hollis', sampling 'Frosty the Snowman', 'Jingle Bells', and 'Joy to the World' to create the perfect modern holiday song: a technicolour multiplicity of cultures, inspirations, and beliefs wrapped, packaged, and slapped with a bow.

Jingle Bell Rock, Bobby Helms
There's nothing like this masterpiece from Bobby Helms to really get the office festival party jumping! Except, perhaps, for a cup of that Jingle Juice...

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas, Perry Como

The internet comments section will always look the same, no matter whatever version of this yearly holiday harbinger you're spinning this season: "I can listen to this any time of year!" write Christmas lovers from all over the world. We're not sure what that is if it isn't an official Santa notary stamp.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Andy Williams

Whether winter is your favourite season or Christmas is your favourite festival, you can't dismiss that this is one good tune.

"Last Christmas," Wham!

This iconic '80s hit transcends the holidays. Who could blame you for hearing this heartbreak hymn year-round?

"Merry Christmas Darling," Carpenters

Missing someone this holiday season? Allow the Carpenters' crooning to support you.

Walking In A Winter Wonderland - Dean Martin

If any song encapsulates the festive nature of the holiday season, then this has got to be it. It's a classic!

Enjoy your holidays!