Casa Wood Society- Builder agrees to repair basement and allot parking
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Casa Wood Society- Builder agrees to repair basement and allot parking

Better clubhouse, lower maintenance charges and better CCTV security are other demands

Casa Wood Society- Builder agrees to repair basement and allot parking

The Residents of Casa Wood Society, Greater Noida West had a meeting with their builder on Friday, Dec 3, 2021, at the office of the Greater Noida Authority. Post-meeting, on the demand of the residents, the builder has agreed to repair the Society's basement parking space and provide an allotment of parking space soon.

In the past few days, regular meetings between builders and the residential flat owners have been going on to resolve the issues of flat buyers under the instruction of Greater Noida Authority CEO Narendra Bhushan.

The last such meeting was held under the leadership of OSD Santosh Kumar, in charge of the builder cell of Greater Noida Authority. During the meeting, residents shared that people have been living in the society for about two and a half years. More than 50% of buyers are registered.  

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Parking numbers have not been allotted even though the housing society has enough parking space spread over double basements. Moreover, the stones on the floor of the basement are broken in several places, causing damage to the cars.

Apart from this, the residents complained about non-functional fire fighting equipment installed in society. The lack of proper facilities in the clubhouse was another issue that was raised by the residents. The builder assured the residents to fulfil these demands soon in the presence of the builder.
The CCTV cameras installed in society are not working properly. There are 30 cameras, but only four to five cameras are in working order at a time. The rainwater harvesting system is also not good. Residents complained that the builder was not allowing internet providers, barring a few, to provide services in the society. As gathered by residents, the builder has assured that all these issues will be taken care of.

Rajesh Ranjan, the resident of Casa Woodstock, who was also present in the meeting, says, "We have handed over our pending work to the authority and the builder. But we are not sure that it will be completed. It seems like they are just pretending that they are doing their work. We are suffering between the authority and the builder. They didn't tell us when all this would be completed. So how can we be sure of their promises?"

Residents further added that the maintenance fee is higher than it should be.