Google Doodle celebrates Pizza: Why?
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Google Doodle celebrates Pizza: Why?

Some choices of pizzas available in today’s interactive Google Doodle game

Google Doodle celebrates Pizza: Why?

The widely popular and a definite favourite of all, Pizza is being celebrated by Google today, on 6 December, with an interactive game as its Google Doodle.

The ancient art of Neapolitan ‘Pizzaiuolo’ was inscribed on the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on this day in the year 2017.

UNESCO defines ‘Pizzaiuolo’ as a culinary practice wherein a chef incorporates four different phases related to preparing the dough for pizza, baking it in an oven and involving a rotatory movement by the baker. The art of ‘Pizzaiuolo’ originated in Naples, Italy, and UNESCO inscribed it in the year 2017.

Pizzaiuoli also shares their art in social events and in the capital of the Campania Region, around 3,000 Pizzaiuoli perform live every year.

Google Doodle

As a tribute to the delicious dish, Google has devised a multimedia puzzle game in which users have to slice a pizza according to the mentioned number of slices. The game features 11 famous pizza’s of the world and has multiple levels.

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Those playing the game also have to keep in mind the toppings that have been requested, along with the number of slices. If a user is able to slice the pizza according to the given instructions, they earn stars and head to the next level.

Some choices of pizzas available in today’s interactive Google Doodle game include Margherita Pizza, White, Pepperoni, Calabrese Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Tom Yum Pizza, Paneer Tikka Pizza and many more.

History and Origin of Pizza:

Consuming flatbreads with a variety of toppings has been an ancient practice in Egypt and Rome, and has been a part of various cuisines for centuries. However, the Italian city of Naples is the birthplace of pizza, as the dish originated there in the late 1700s. Naples is the place from where the story of pizza, a dish with dough layered with tomatoes and cheese, began.

The much-loved dish then went through an evolution as different cities and countries experimented with the recipe's toppings and ingredients. Pizzas have become so popular throughout the world that now, an estimated five billion pizzas are consumed internationally every year.

No matter how you slice it, Pizza is here to stay !!