Hair Color Trends of 2022
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Hair Color Trends of 2022

If you're looking to change your colour, you're not the only one. Choose wisely.

Hair Color Trends of 2022

If you have forever been waiting to colour your hair, now is the time. What better way to ring in the new year than with a new colour?

After you've completed your holiday shopping at the Black Friday sale for everyone on your list, we recommend you look into the best winter hair colours.

Low-maintenance blondes and browns are having a moment after another year of limited salon access and working from home. However, this doesn't mean our hair colour should be dull. There are plenty of bright, dull and quirky shades to take inspiration. Candy colours like pink and blue are still popular after last year's DIY revolution, and vivid red is still popular, thanks to many pop stars! Let us have a look at some of them-

Honey Blonde Hot Toddie

Credits: HarperBazaar

Enjoy a toast if you're interested in a gorgeous hair colour named after an irresistible beverage! Hot toddy hair looks as sweet as honey and is the ideal cool-meets-warm colour with its light auburn and blond balayage tones.

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Shiraz Red

Credits: India Today 

This mahogany red colour is bold, intense, and simply adorable. Maintain your length and let the natural waves cascade down your back. This is an all-over dyeing process that is well worth it!

Icy Blue

Credits: PopSugar 

Finding colour trends that stand out is exciting and gives you a sense of liberation. Ready to experiment with smoky blue, aubergine, and brighter blue highlights? Change the shades to achieve the desired depth.

Creamy Blonde

Credits: Edken 

This creamy blonde hair colour is an excellent option if you want to update your blonde look at your next salon visit. This hair colour has white tones for a bright, lovely finish. Request a creamy blonde look from your stylist, and don't forget to tone with a Shades product.

Pretty Pink Princess

Credits: Pinterest 

When it occurs to hair colours for winter blues, your choices are unlimited. Getting the most of your colour palette is vital, and this modern violet-pink is just enchanting! It's a subtle, pastel shade, like the spring blossoms still to arrive.

Cinnamon Spiced Chestnut Brown

Credits: Refinery29

Here, a dark chestnut brown base is accented with lighter cinnamon tones. Vibrant golden colours are applied in brushstrokes for a chic and natural look. Maintain a medium length and add curls to highlight those lovely highlights.

Deep Espresso

Credits: Vogue 

Embrace the cold-weather vibes by darkening your brown to nearly black espresso. Always use colour support products such as shampoos and glosses from your stylist to maintain shine and depth between salon visits.

Silver Fox

Credits: Pinterest 

I suggest you take a risk and go for sliver looks this winter for a perfect winter look. This colour will blend perfectly with the winter chills.