Ghaziabad: Thieves impersonating police to commit crimes in posh areas
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Ghaziabad: Thieves impersonating police to commit crimes in posh areas

Residents fear coming out of their homes after 7 pm.

Ghaziabad: Thieves impersonating police to commit crimes in posh areas

Ghaziabad: A spate of snatching incidents reported in the posh residential areas of Ghaziabad, in the recent past, has made the residents insecure. The perpetrators of these crimes have been using a very novel modus operandi to commit their deeds. They are impersonating police officers and then committing these crimes.

On December 7, 2021, 70-year-old Triveni Jha came out of her building to get milk in Shalimar Garden Extension. Three criminals posing as policemen snatched her gold bangles and ran away.
In another such incident reported on November 7, 2021, criminals in police uniforms snatched a gold chain from Rama Sharma at Vaibhav Khand, Indirapuram.

Similarly on October 14, 2021, criminals, again dressed in police uniform stole gold bangles from a resident named Rajni in Abhay Khand, Indirapuram. And on October 8, criminals posing as policemen snatched gold bangles from Kumkum Bhatnagar in Vaibhav Khand.

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The residents of Indirapuram, Vasundhara, Vaishali and Kaushambi have been suffering from incidents of snatchings for a while now. This new method adopted by the criminals, where they dressed as policemen, has shaken the residents and filled them with insecurity.

In the Triveni Jha case, her son Santosh Kumar Jha says, “When she went to file her complaint in Shalimar Police station, the policeman present there didn’t behave well. They didn’t even file her complaint. I registered an online complaint in the evening.”

Santosh Garg, 54, says, “We have raised the issue of snatching and robbery so many times in front of authorities, still police are not making enough efforts. There is a fear among residents to come out alone from their houses after 7 in the evening.”

Preetama Shah, 60, says, “One day I was coming from the house of my friend when three men came in police uniform. I have read about this gang before so I looked at them suspiciously. They asked for my phone. I told them that I don't have any. I stopped an auto and sat in it immediately to get away from them.”

A police officer on the scene of the incident in Shalimar Garden Extension, who wishes to remain anonymous says, “Police is using CCTV footage to find out the criminals. The police department has also circulated guidelines for creating awareness about such gangs.”