GreNo: Residents complain about broken road in Techzone 4
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GreNo: Residents complain about broken road in Techzone 4

A broken stretch of approximately 500 meters created chaos for the residents

GreNo: Residents complain about broken road in Techzone 4

Greater Noida: A broken stretch of approximately 500 meters of road in Techzone 4 Greater Noida West has become troublesome for the area residents. The road is sort of a lifeline for the residents of Spring Meadows, La Residentia, Nirala Estate, and Mayfair Residency being the main approach road.

Driving becomes difficult because f the broken road

On this subject, a residents of Spring Maywood shared a tweet,  “@OfficialGNIDA यह सड़क 5 साल से ज्यादा पुरानी हो चुकी है जैसा कि फरवरी में बताया गया था की इस सड़क की रिसर्फेसिंग का टेंडर मार्च और अप्रैल में निकलने वाला था और मई/जून में यह सड़क बनने वाली थी लेकिन अभी तक यह कार्य नहीं हुआ है यहां पर रह रहे हजारों परिवारों को असुविधा हो रही है.”

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CitySpidey inspected the road and found it full of potholes. We also saw that construction debris was dumped brazenly along the road creating an additional risk for bikers and cyclists.

Road full of potholes in Techzone 4 

The dust emanating from the broken road also created problems for the commuters. The residents of Noida and Greater Noida shared that the withered dust from the road is proving to be one of the main contributors to dust pollution in the area. This is causing a lot of inconvenience to the approximately 5,000 residents who are living here.

Dust pollution from broken roads 

Vikas Katiyar, a 34-year-old resident of Spring Meadows says, "The road is more than 5 years old and has not been resurfaced since. As per the information gathered by us, the tender for resurfacing of the road was going to be out in March/April 2021 and the construction work was supposed to have started in May/June but till now nothing has happened.”

Sumil Jalota, a 42-year-old resident from La Residentia says, “In 2019, we raised the matter of the poor condition of the road with authority. However, the condition is still the same. Only patchy repairs have been carried over the years. Within a month of the repairs, we find a new pothole on the road.”

Azeem Khan, a 40-year-old resident of Nirala Estate says, “The dust pollution due to this road creates breathing difficulties for us. This stretch also saw water logging during the last rainy season. We have been complaining continuously about this road but the situation has not improved.”

Prateet Baijal, a resident of Mayfair Residency says, “The residents of our society are avoiding this road because of potholes and ill-designed high-speed breakers.”