'Aitbar' song crosses million views on YouTube
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'Aitbar' song crosses million views on YouTube

The music video was shot at Neemrana and it took about 15 days for the shoot to wrap up

'Aitbar' song crosses million views on YouTube

The hit Punjabi song 'Aitbaar' sung by Kawal Deep Kour (who hails from Assam) and Surinder Singh, has crossed one million views. The lead singer of the song and her husband Surinder Singh, who was one of the lead in the music video, were recently in the capital. They were here to celebrate the success of their song and to meet with the audience.

A late bloomer in the entertainment world, Kawal, has many more feathers in her cap. Interestingly, she is a PhD in 'Intoxicants and Intoxication', from IIT Guwahati. But that is not all. Dr Kawal Deep Kour is also a former civil servant. But the love for music was always present in her heart, all it needed was some time and opportunity to come to the fore.

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That opportunity came up when she decided to opt for voluntary retirement from the Assam Civil Services and pursue her lifelong passion for literature and music. Kawal’s deep love for music is the reason for her debut song launch. Surinder Singh, her husband, is an ex-Indian Air Force fighter pilot. He has served in frontline fighter Squadrons including in the Kargil conflict.

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The duo may have come from different backgrounds, but they still managed to come up with a lovely song that fits every occasion and generation.

It is not easy for women at a certain age to debut in a music video, where millennials hold a firm place in the music industry. But Kawal Deep Kour proved everyone wrong. Through her musical success she has shown us that no matter your age, you should always go for what your heart desires.

“I believe that my song 'Aitbaar' is a long inning song,” says she.

The lead singers of the music were recently in the capital to celebrate the success of their song. The couple said that this song was a challenge for them, especially the acting and dancing part. They also shared that the music video was shot at Neemrana, and it took about 15 days for the shoot to wrap up, but the music video took almost 3 days to complete, from dancing to rehearsing.

On being asked about their future plans, they shred that they will probably be coming with another single in February 2022. It will be a romantic song with the same vibe for their lovely audience.