Homes 121 society: Seepage makes building unsafe
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Homes 121 society: Seepage makes building unsafe

The pillars have developed a crack and the residents are worried about the structure

Homes 121 society: Seepage makes building unsafe

Noida: Regular seepage in the pillars of the basement has become a nightmare for the residents of Homes 121, Sector 121, Noida. The residents said that the pillars have developed cracks that compromise the safety of the structure. As per residents, they have been complaining about the issue for the last five years. But no action has been taken so far.

Seepage from pillars

Homes 121 society has 22 towers and 1750 flats. Nearly 6,000 residents have been living in the society since 2016. Residents complain that the builder has simply handed over the maintenance work to the Apartment Owner's Association when he must have done something to resolve the seepage issue.

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Seepage in joint pipes

On this subject, Chakradhar Mishra, AOA president says, “The seepage from the joint pipes is a major issue. The pillars of the basement are becoming weak due to regular seepage. It will also affect the structure. If any mishappening takes palace who will take responsibility. We have raised this with the builder and the Authority but no action has been taken by them.”

Dinesh Singh, another resident of the society says, “ The project maintenance is under the builder and we have been complaining about this issue from the very inception of the housing society. The pillars of the basement are becoming weak. Association of the society has also written a letter to the Authority and the builder but the situation is still the same.”

Another resident, Abhay Pandey says, “Due to the seepage, there is a crack in the pillars, which is not good. Authority must take action as soon as possible.”

CitySpidey also tried to reach out to the builder but he was not available. We will update the story when we get a response.