Shankar Market: A hidden fabric paradise in the heart of Delhi
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Shankar Market: A hidden fabric paradise in the heart of Delhi

Shankar Market is renowned as the cloth cluster in the heart of Delhi.

Shankar Market: A hidden fabric paradise in the heart of Delhi

Do you intend to look for fabric to have your wedding dress stitched this wedding season? Look no further, Shankar Market is the prime spot for you!

Shankar Market, established in 1956, is among the oldest small market places in central Delhi. From the bottom to the top floor, it has a range of stores. It is renowned as the cloth cluster in the heart of Delhi.

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There is an incredible choice of fabric, ready-made designer suits, several designs of suits for men, and even clothes for children at Shankar market. It offers a great assortment of 50-60 fabric houses selling fabric at very competitive prices and varieties. There are multiple options in suit pieces available for ladies, ranging from casual, traditional, ethnic, to the most latest styles.

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There are over 100 commercial units here in approximately 60 shops of various types and 40 apartments above the shops that are used as commercial flats, press houses, and some of the flats are utilized as warehouses by the shopkeepers.

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In contrast to the bone posh Connaught Place, this market offers you a cosy, pleasant, and neighbourly feel.  Although it is not a label-savvy market, buying clothes from this seven-corridor market has its satisfaction. Various Delhi designers might be found here scavenging cloth from the bunch and then designing an amazing masterpiece to showcase at their boutique.

"The young generation invests in ready-made clothing and perhaps they have lost the charm of customised attire," says Gurmeet Wadhwa, President of Shankar Market Trader Association since 2008.

Let us have a look at a few highlights from the Shankar market-

The Piping Food welcome!

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Shankar Market greets tourists with a few food establishments that are a treat for the senses. The food establishments are reasonably priced, which is a plus for those who work in the area. These restaurants serve exquisite cuisine in minutes, even during busy hours, and at reasonable prices.

Fabric Treasure

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 Hereafter, visitors will be greeted by a few retail businesses divided into sections that sell a variety of items such as nicely designed attires and fabric across style and price. Shankar Market, Connaught Place is dedicated to textiles. The plethora of options can sure perplex you while making a choice. The market is popular for mix and match centres where you can fabric in many tints and shades.

Hotspot for Ladies: In reality, the floor of Shankar Market is most favoured by women because of its large choice of materials and competitive prices. Within the next corridor, there really are a few well-known clothing stores known for their linen wear and other exquisite shops known for their huge collections of silk borders, laces, buttons, and other accessories.

Tailoring Hub

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Given the amount of fabric available in the market, it is only practical that the Shankar market is abounding in tailoring shops. Tailoring is well-known in the market. Each of the sixty stores has a distinctive tailor who will guide you in creating your one-of-a-kind tailored outfits. Here, you can be your own designer and create unique designs for a tailor-fit dress.

Stationery and Book shops: Apart from clothes, you can find premium shoe stores, stationery and bookstores. Bookstores here will allow you to buy and sell your books.

Dive into the pool of fabric at Shankar Market. Share your experience of this market in the comments below.