Noida residents gear up after 5 Omicron cases
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Noida residents gear up after 5 Omicron cases

It is suspected that the residents are coming from the United Kingdom and Singapore

Noida residents gear up after 5 Omicron cases

Noida: Fear looms large in Noida after five travellers from ‘at risk’ countries have tested positive for the Covid-19 new variant, Omicron in Noida. Residents are concerned about the spread of Omicron in societies and their safety. It is suspected that the residents had come from the United Kingdom and Singapore.

CitySpidey reached out to residents from Noida to understand the situation on the ground.

Dinesh Singh (40), a resident from sector 121 says, "Residents are not wearing masks. Every year in December and January we find other varients of Covid-19. Now, schools and colleges are open and the exams of our children are being held in physical mode. The children are still not vaccinated and this is a great danger for them."

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Rajiva Singh (59), NOFAA President says, “High rise societies have a high-density population and are more vulnerable to the pandemic spread. With the new mutants of the virus spreading fast, it becomes important for high-rise societies to be on high alert in preparedness to fight the pandemic and step up our guard once again. Omicron invasion will definitely dampen our celebration programs for Christmas and New Year. Large gatherings must be avoided. Covid appropriate behaviour needs to be followed strictly in our respective societies.”

Vasundhara Nigam (38), resident of Sector 161, Noida says, "After Delta, everyone is afraid of the new variant. Earlier, sometimes we used to go for walks without masks. However, in the past few days, we are back to following the same routine to protect ourselves from Covid-19. In the first wave, we needed platelets, oxygen in the second, we don't know what Omicron wants."

Rakhi Sinha (45), Social Media advisor, RWA Arun Vihar says, “We have already prepared ourselves. We have issued several advisories to our residents. We are trying to make people aware of it. We had a few cases of Covid 19 but not of omicron. We are telling people to stay in their homes. We also have reached out to the Arun Vihar task force. They are helping in arranging things which we may need in an emergency.”

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Sanjeev Kumar, General Secretary of Noida Sector 51, “For the last 10 days, we have been making efforts to make residents aware of safety protocols through social media. We are requesting residents to follow all precautions and maintain social distancing, use masks while commuting outside. In the park of Sector 50 and 51, we have hung the Covid precautions banner to attract maximum attention.”

Brajesh Kumar, a member of the 7X welfare team says, “We have to prepare ourselves for the future. Government must take proper actions and spread awareness on a large scale. 7X welfare association has requested to the residents of Noida, to follow covid protocols and stay at their home.”

Countries like the UK, South Africa, Brazil, Botswana, China, Ghana, Mauritius, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, Tanzania, and Israel are ‘at risk’ countries for international arrival into India. Meanwhile, Omicron cases are on the rise in India.