Lajpat Nagar market for that Punjabi flavour and unlimited shopping
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Lajpat Nagar market for that Punjabi flavour and unlimited shopping

You can find everything you need here from affordable clothes, jewellery, to tasty street food

Lajpat Nagar market for that Punjabi flavour and unlimited shopping

Lajpat Nagar came up as a colony that housed the post-independence partition refugees from West Punjab. That dominant and Punjabi culture still has a strong undercurrent in everything the market has from apparel, food, and home furnishings. But the market is also not insulated from the effects of Delhi's larger cosmopolitan culture. So what you get here is a mix of everything and much more. It would take several visits spread over all seasons to really appreciate what all this market holds in its various streets, side streets, lanes, and corners. Here we are trying to give you a quick all-inclusive tour of it.

As a Delhite, I can say one thing for sure, Lajpat Nagar is the perfect destination for a complete shopping experience. Rightly known as Central Market, it is situated in the heart of South Delhi.  You can find everything you need here from affordable clothes, jewelry, footwear, cosmetics to mouth-watering food. The market remains open from 10:00 am and closes at 9:00 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

It takes an easy 10-15 minutes walk from Lajpat Nagar metro station to the Central market. The entire entrance to the market is aligned with street treats. It is a good idea to start your market visit by tucking in some popular snacking treats the market has on offer. The food journey here starts the moment you step out of the metro station. Right when you enter, you see Dolma Aunty momo point buzzing with foodies all around. It is one of the yummiest joints for momos in Delhi.

Enjoying kulfi in winter is a different kind of happiness. You can find Gupta Special Kulfi selling delicious kulfis since 2003 who says "Ek baar khaoge baar baar aaoge" near Dolma Aunty Momo point. You can get your favorite piece of kulfi here 20, 30 and 40 rupees versions.

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Just next to the momo point we can find tasty ram ladoo, topped with green chutney, grated radish and chillies. It is one of the things for which Lajpat is famous. Apart from these, you can also find a long row of food stalls on the left side of the market such as chole bhature wala, chinese stalls, shawarma, french fries, sweet corn and a lot more.

Wedding season is at its peak and the Lajpat market can provide you with a huge variety of choices of wedding wear from lehengas to beautiful sarees, suit salwar, kurta pajamas to sherwanis. Not only clothes but trendy bags, footwear and other fashion accessories are also easily available in the market.

Plus, Lajpat Nagar market won't disappoint you if you wish to shop for casual western clothes such as one-pieces, long coats, shirts, sweaters, and pants. The unique thing about the Central market is that you can find everything here from cheap to expensive rates. Find these fashionable wearers from shops like Narang Fabrics, Jaipur ethnic, Hemal's, incense. Dedicated shops for kids wear things like Chun mun, Oshin garments and Hi kids.

My mom is somebody who likes designing her outfits, so every time we visit Lajpat Nagar, it is easy for us to shop for fabrics available in different patterns, colours and clothes. To beautify dresses it is easy for her to find fabric accessories like gotta Patti, designer buttons, stones and tussles. You can easily shop for your cloth pieces at affordable rates.

I am a fan of junk jewellery and Lajpat Nagar is the promised land for me. I have bought tons of earrings from here starting with humans, hoops, designers to petal earrings. There are many stalls decorated with colourful jewellery selling chokers, zodiac lockers, bracelets and earrings starting from 50 to 350 rupees.

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For all churi lovers (bangles), how can we forget about Babu Churiwala in Lajpat Nagar? They have a ton of variety from multicolour bangles to designer ones. Babu Churiwala is one of the oldest shops in the market run by its 7th generation soon going to complete its 200 years of existence.

End your wedding shopping at the footwear shops. Here you can find different types of footwear such as gumboots, high heels, low heels and a lot from the shop like Stelatoes, Sona, Stush.

The new year is around the corner and for sure you must be thinking of decorating your home. So let me take you to the hidden place of Central market 'gift choice' under Javed Habib and beside Babu Churiwala selling captivating home decor like hangings, dream chasers, lamps, candles and many more since 10 years.

To stay warm in cold weather you can enjoy crunchy dry fruits from the newly opened shop in market Dry Fruit Corner selling special Punjabi sweets, snacks and various types of dry fruits. You can also enjoy south Indian snacks from one of the oldest shops of Lajpat that is Mangal Mart.

Having given you a quick peek at shopping at Lajpat, I end this journey. While leaving, you can engage in a dessert. I chose sweet cotton candy aka 'buddhi ke baal' that you can find anywhere in the market.

Visit Lajpat Nagar market for a wholesome shopping experience and tell us about with your favourite shops in the comments below!