Most popular handbag trends of 2021
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Most popular handbag trends of 2021

Check out these handbag styles and get yourself a striking new accessory this New Year's eve.

Most popular handbag trends of 2021

Handbags are the ideal accessory for any occasion, and the right handbag can elevate your look. In 2021, we saw the return of box totes and some quirky additions such as mini handbags, cushion clutches, and saddle handbags. We also saw Moschino's baguette handbag causing a stir and spectacularly topping millennial trends.

With 2021 as the target year, there is hope for many more stylish trends to add a chic touch to your style-

Mini Shoulder Bags

Credits: Luxlo

We've all learned that micro mini bags aren't strictly necessary at the moment. Despite their striking appearance, they are simply a fashion statement. However, the mini handbag craze is far from over. The mini baguette bag is stylish and combines almost all of your outfits. This is the ideal on-the-go handbag for carrying your essentials such as a wallet, lipstick, and keys.

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Colourful Handbags

Credits: Unsplash

If you want to turn heads, swap out your usual black, brown, and beige bags for something a little more colourful. Satchels, totes, and hobos are great everyday handbags that come in several colours. Cross-body handbags and backpacks could also benefit from some colour, making colour-blocking your outfits appear easier than ever.

Chain handle bag

Credits: Unsplash

The chain handle bag dominated the entire 2021; the bag saw global popularity this year. Bottega Veneta may have started this trend, but the fashion industry quickly picks up on what people want, so you'll see many variations of this chunky chain design. A shiny, chunky chain can transform a simple everyday outfit into something oh-so-luxurious, even with a sleek tone-on-tone look.

Vintage Bags

Credits: WWW

Remember when you used to wear your monogram Dior, Gucci, Coach, Prada, and Fendi handbags with your low-waisted jeans? Well, it's time to bring them out because they're back in style and in a big way. Vintage bags not only add a retro-chic look to your outfit but are also versatile enough to be worn over time. Even if these bags are no longer available in stores, you can find them at thrift stores or online vintage retailers. These handbags appreciate over time and are likely the best investments you can make.

Envelope Purse

Credits: Prada

However, not your regular everyday purse, the envelope-style handbag can be the stylish essentials you've been looking for. If you're the empirical kind, this can be one of the most fashionable handbags in your collection that you can wear for work or parties.

Check out these handbag styles and get yourself a striking new accessory this new year's eve.