Residents of GreNo discuss pending issues with NEFOWA


Residents of GreNo discuss pending issues with NEFOWA

Pending Registry, Underpass and multi-speciality hospital were the major points discussed

Residents of GreNo discuss pending issues with NEFOWA

Greater Noida: Residents of Greater Noida West gathered on December 19 at the NEFOWA( Noida Extension Flat Owners Welfare Association ) office and discussed the issue of pending registries of homebuyers and the lack of basic facilities in the highrise societies. In the meeting, residents also highlighted the need for an underpass at Charmurti roundabout in Greno West and a multi-specialty hospital among others.

About 50,000 homebuyers are struggling to get their registry papers. Over the past few months, residents have been protesting against the builder or its maintenance team every weekend.

Jyoti Jaiswal, General secretary NEFOWA and a resident of Greater Noida, "We have been protesting every weekend and still struggling to get the registry papers. In between the authority and the builder conflict, residents have to live in their own houses like a tenant."

Anupam Mishra (38), a resident of Greater Noida says, "The residents of Greater Noida are struggling to get basic amenities in and outside the society. Neither the builder nor the Government is thinking for the good of residents."

Another resident, Sumil Jalota(40) says, "Not only registry papers, sometimes residents are struggling for basic needs such as water and electricity. The Government should take proper action in this regard as soon as possible."

Residents of GreNo West emphasized the need for an underpass at Charmurti because the construction of a flyover at Parthala Chowk is going on, because of which vehicular movement has been diverted to Charmurti crossing. This is leading to traffic snarls at the crossing.

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The residents also pointed out that there is no public mode of transportation in GreNo West. People are dependent on their vehicles and private auto-rickshaws. According to the residents, the metro plan in GreNo was passed by the Uttar Pradesh Government. However, the Central Government has not given a green signal on it. As a result, the traffic situation in the area has not eased and the only solution in this scenario is the construction of an underpass. This is the reason the residents are demanding an underpass.

In the meeting, residents discussed the need for a multispeciality Government hospital in GreNo west. The population and industrial sectors are increasing rapidly and the residents have to depend on private hospitals.

Manish Kumar, Vice President NEFOWA says, "The residents of Greater Noida are only demanding for the basic amenities from the builder and the Authority. Metro, Underpass at Charmurti roundabout and a multispeciality hospital are the basic things, which should be added to the Greater Noida infrastructure. These will give a lot of benefits to residents of GreNo and other adjacent cities also."