Spice up your evenings, walk through the INA market
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Spice up your evenings, walk through the INA market

The market is located across the street from Dilli Haat

Spice up your evenings, walk through the INA market

For any foodie who loves his food made up of exotic ingredients and spiced with exotic species, a visit to Delhi's INA Market is a must. The Delhi chef's community swears by it and the fine dining restaurants depend on it, big time. The Indian National Army Market, popularly known as the INA Market, is renowned as Delhi's food mart. This market has fresh fish, meat, spices, veggies, and fruits that you won't find anyplace else.

The lively alleys of INA market are about 300 metres from the INA metro station. Delhiites go to this market to do their grocery shopping. The market, which is located across the street from Dilli Haat Delhi, is one of the oldest surviving marketplaces and, offers a great variety of items. The market is closed on Mondays.

If you want to buy seafood,  go to INA market. In terms of quality, the fresh and nutritious meat accessible in the INA market has no competition. With its broad choice of culinary ingredients, the INA market is a food lover's and aspiring chef's dream. Even though the prices are a little on the high side, the quality of the items more than compensates for it. Whatever commodity you require, the INA market will have it. The retail supermarkets stocked with imported package food provide for a terrific kitchen shopping experience here. The market is particularly well-known for its extensive selection of marine seafood. The market also boasts of its unusual wine collections, which include some of the oldest and most renowned wines on exhibit.

Though it may appear to be just another market from a distance, the INA market has a very large and dedicated foreign clientele. This is due to the fact that it provides food and beverages that are not accessible in most other areas. INA is an excellent choice for foodies wishing to widen their culinary horizons by sampling unusual fruits and global seasonings.

Paradise for Fruits and Vegetable

When entering the market, look for the fruit stores on the fringes, which sell a wide range of exotic fruits and vegetables. In fact, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has certified INA market as the "cleanest and fresh fruit and vegetable market" in the national capital.

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Diverse Assortment of packaged foods

There is literary nothing you cannot find here. From Apple Cider Vinegar to Heinz Baby Food, and from Extra Virgin Olive Oil to fresh Avocados the market offers a lot. Unlike the normal Delhi market, INA caters to non-vegetarians as well. Nothing is out of your grasp, from cod liver oil to canned tuna. Dried fruits such as vivid orange mountain apricots, packed walnut kernels, and dried figs are also plentiful. What adds to the excitement is that most of the
retailers are extremely seasoned and fluent in English because they are used to engaging with foreigners.

A Gourmet Trail with a Southern Flavor

Unexpectedly, the restaurants here are all very different. Contrary to expectations, there are no fine dining restaurants aimed towards foreigners, however there are plenty of South Indian, predominantly Malayali, eateries. You may have soft, multi-layered Malabar Parotta with Mutton Roast, Fish Curry, or even Beef, which is often hard to get by. Keralite traders also run a number of food stores. In the evening, they sell Deep Fried Plantains and carry distinctive things such as  Masala, Snack foods, and special kinds of Rice and Lentils used in South Indian recipes. Moving forward, you'll come across a few Indo-Chinese food vendors where the true specialties are the momos/dumplings. Momos have nearly become a staple meal in Delhi.

For all of those who relish Seafood Meat vendors are not easily apparent since they are tucked away in the market's back alleyways. Meat stores are mostly unnamed, but if you look about, you'll find some fascinating goods. Bombay Fish Market has a large selection of seafood, including lobsters, prawns, and other marine creatures. They sell packaged fish-based items and dried fish, among other things.

Clothing and other goods

Strolling down the streets, you may come across stores offering vivid Indian cultural clothes such as Salwar-Kameez, Kurtas, and sarees, with the added bonus of being able to bargain on them. There are several tailoring shops as well. 

Another aspect that grabs your attention is the sale of various types of lights and LEDs that give your space a fairy-tale vibe.

Over every tour, INA provides the ideal opportunity to discover and try new things. Stroll around the inner lanes, paying close attention to the store shelves. You will be pleasantly pleased more frequently than not. As a result, it is not an exaggeration to claim that the INA market is a one-stop shopping paradise.