Noida: Night curfew in Noida hampers residents' NY plans
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Noida: Night curfew in Noida hampers residents' NY plans

Malls, hotels, restaurants, and bars will remain open in the district till 10 pm

Noida: Night curfew in Noida hampers residents' NY plans

Noida: Fear of viruses and new guidelines have once again ruined the New Year's plans of the residents. The Noida police have appealed to the people to celebrate the New Year at home. Even those who plan to party outside, are expected to reach back home before 11 pm. The police plan to act against anyone found flouting the night curfew.

In view of the Corona curfew, the police have prepared guidelines. According to these guidelines Malls, hotels, restaurants, and bars will remain open in the district till 10 pm only. In residential sectors, loud music will also be restricted. If the noise exceeds 90 decibels in the residential area, a fine will be imposed. People can dial 112 for their respective complaints. From 11 pm to 5 am, there is a ban on the movement of common people and other activities. Only people related to essential commodities are exempted from this. People indulging in partying and workers will also have to reach home by 11 pm. Strict action will be taken against any person who will be seen on the road after 11 pm and if needed, they will also be locked up. No relaxation will be given on December 31 and January 1, 2022. Guidelines have been issued to all the institutions in this regard. People planning any such party are expected to adhere to these guidelines.

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Some residents, especially the youth, are disappointed at this new turn of events. Says Nikita Sharma, 21, a writer from Delhi, says, “After having two terrible years, we were anticipating to start this year on a good note. However, the story is yet again the same. I miss going out for late-night dinners and clubbing on weekends. After working for the entire  day, these are the little joys we look forward to”.

Others doubt the intention of the administration in imposing these restrictions. Brajesh Sharma,  [39], resident of 7x sector, Noida, says, “Such restrictions are not justified. The administration should allow people to enjoy at least New Year's eve. Is this restriction only because of corona or only because people should not interfere in the  sleep of administration at night?”

Some others see a lot of sense in these restrictions. Says Saurav Pandey, a student, says, “I don’t know how impactful it would be. If it is only for some days, then it’s not at all a good idea. The administration should ask people to follow the Covid guidelines properly like wearing masks, using sanitizers, and many more. I think this way it can be more impactful”. Then there is another point of view. The view of those who prefer staying at home. Says, Himanshu Bisht, 24, Graphic Designer, says, “Well, we are now used to it so it barely makes a difference. For me, New Year's eve is all about ordering food at home and enjoying it with friends and family. Also, I think it's better to take precautions now so that we can enjoy the rest of the year”.