Pop songs we couldn't stop grooving to in 2021
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Pop songs we couldn't stop grooving to in 2021

Pop music that will make you groove on its tunes

Pop songs we couldn't stop grooving to in 2021

Ngl, 2021 was tough and rough, with the second wave of Covid hitting and lockdown, it was just another year of social distancing and tension. However, several pop artists still managed to release music that connected with the whole world and made everyone hum and groove. This year, there was a song for every occasion, event, and emotion. These songs were trendy in reels, and their hooked steps took social media by storm. Here are the pop songs we couldn't stop listening to in 2021.

The Kid Laroi, Stay

The Sydney rapper teamed up with pop royalty and crowned himself a global superstar along the way, with the kind of hit that any pop musician would kill for: emotional, energetic, and infinitely catchy. The more I listen, the more I want to play it at double speed indefinitely and slam-dance like a teenager and roam like crazy. Also, almost everyone was doing the 'stay' dance on Instagram reels a couple of months back.

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Saweetie and Doja Cat, Best Friend

This bouncy paean to friendship from one of the year's most endearing pop breakouts is way too much fun. Whenever you see your best friend, this is the song you must be vibing to.

Woman, Doja Cat

Whatever your feelings are about Doja Cat's Internet controversies or viral hits, there's no denying about her immense talent or her fearless, experimental influence on the pop music landscape. 'Woman' a sultry Afrobeats-driven anthem for the divine feminine within every woman, epitomises this. The track is a sonic delight, showcasing Doja's versatile vocals and the versatility of genres that she's managed to not only master but also meld with her music.

Good 4 U, Olivia Rodrigo

This one, a pop-punk revival that reverses the genre's old gender dynamics (remember all those annoying songs from boys about girls who screwed them over?), was infinitely more replayable.

Astronaut in the Ocean, Masked Wolf

In 2021, the slinky track from the Sydney rapper, which explored his battle with depression, was everywhere. Originally released two years ago, it went viral on TikTok in February, became the most Shazamed song of the year (globally), and even made Barack Obama's summer playlist in July.

Heat Waves, Glass Animals

This September, 'Heat Waves' debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart for the 60th time, breaking the record previously held by Twenty One Pilots' 'Ride' in late November. It debuted in the top ten just for the band's Grammy nomination for a best new artist.

Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)

Lil Nas X's queer anthem - and its viral video, which featured the Old Town Road star sliding down to hell to give Satan a lap dance - has brought some playful energy to the pop charts.

Attracting the ire of conservatives and briefly elevating Lil Nas X to the status of Gen Z's Madonna.