Giloy and its natural benefits
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Giloy and its natural benefits

Giloy is highly preferred by Indians to cure many health issues.

Giloy and its natural benefits

The deadly Coronavirus has affected more than half of the population globally and India was one of the countries that had the highest cases during the second wave. The country was coming back to a normal life when a new variant, Omicron has invaded the world once again.

In this scenario, having a strong immunity is one of the things which can keep you out of reach from any infection. There are numerous medicines available in the market to boost immunity but the best way is to always choose the natural path.

Many experts claim that natural remedies can help arrest the problem from its roots and cure it without any side effects. Giloy, scientific name Tinospora cordifolia, is highly preferred by Indians to cure many health issues.

This simple plant is supposed to offer many health benefits, adding to the reasons why you should plant it at home. Some of them include-

Improves digestion: consuming Giloy daily is beneficial for healthy digestion and bowel-related issues. To see positive results you can have 1 spoon of giloy powder with a glass of warm water.

Reduce Asthmatic symptoms: Asthma is a respiratory problem that causes coughing, difficulty in breathing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. All these symptoms can be improved with the small consumption of Giloy juice. It is believed that chewing on the roots of Giloy can help in this condition.

Promotes healthy ageing: Giloy contains anti-ageing properties. It helps prevent dark spots, pimples, acne scars and reduced wrinkles. Eating Giloy will let you achieve healthy and flawless skin.

Protect against respiratory disease: Giloy is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Many experts recommend drinking Giloy juice to reduce respiratory issues like frequent coughs, tonsils, and colds.

Treat diabetes: Giloy can do wonders for people with diabetes. It helps in reducing high blood sugar levels. Giloy acts as a hypoglycemic agent and helps treat diabetes especially for people with type 2 diabetes.

Now that we acquainted you with the many benefits of Giloy, here is how you can consume it-

1 Giloy Shot- You can try Giloy shots by mixing other beneficial and organic food like amla, ginger, black pepper, cardamom and black salt. Just put all the ingredients in a jar with some water, churn it well and blend it.

2 Giloy juice- Another way is to drink Giloy juice, there are many brands in the market selling the same. Yet, make sure to have a look at the ingredients and don't choose ones with added sugar and preservatives.

3 Giloy tablets- One can also try Giloy tablets. Giloy tablets are easily available in pharmacies.

4 Giloy water- You can try Giloy water. For this, you can boil a stem of Giloy in a pan almost with one glass of water until the water is reduced to half of its quantity. Strain the water and drink warm. You can also chew on its roots to extract its benefits.