Are you suffering from post-festival blues?
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Are you suffering from post-festival blues?

For some, the festive season or holidays bring waves of sadness and gloom that weigh them down.

Are you suffering from post-festival blues?

The beginning of the New Year brings happiness and fills people with motivation. This festival season becomes an occasion for people to enjoy parties, gatherings, and celebrations. But when all the food and drinks are consumed and the festive lights get dimmed some people feel a deep sense of emptiness. It is a case of post-festival depression.

Psychologist Shipra Lamba says "This is a temporary feeling of anxiety, sadness or depression that people develop during the holiday season also known as a holiday or festive blues."

Other people may have post- festive/ holiday sadness. This could be the result of unrealistic expectations, disappointments from loved ones and built-up stress.

Holiday sadness or festive blues often includes the following symptoms:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to participate in celebrations
  • Headache
  • Overwhelming feelings.

Lamba explains that this condition can develop because of certain reasons-

  • Being away from family and loved ones: Studies or work often forces us to be away from family during festivals. This results in a fear of missing out, as everywhere you see, people are celebrating.
  • A negative past experience. A past incident in connection to a festival may trigger memories of loss, hurt, trauma, or loneliness with respect to the event.
  • Self-comparison: Another reason for anxiety or depression could be related to self-comparison because of the pressure of expectations of family or society. Such expectations are sometimes, overwhelming and contrary to our beliefs.
  • Medical problems such as diabetes, stroke, physical injury, which restrict a person from enjoying the company of others and celebrations.
  • Pressure to play the perfect host- Some people feel that they must make the day worth it for everyone can feel anxiety or depression on holidays or festivals.


Now that we have seen the symptoms of festive blues, here is how you can cope with the feeling of depression or sadness during the festive season-

  1. Little efforts like making a video call with loved ones, decorating your space and a small getaway or snack with friends can help cope with loneliness and depression.
  2. Learn to enjoy your own company- gifting something to yourself or planning a spa or a nice dinner for yourself can be helpful.
  3. Set realistic expectations with regard to the level of arrangements you can make. Do not compare yourself with others.
  4. Practising gratitude, donation work on special occasions can feel good.
  5. Communication- If the festival is triggering memories of a bad experience, such emotions should not be suppressed but discussed with a person who would understand.
  6. We hope these suggestions will help you deal with holiday blues and manage stress.