Supertech Capetown, Noida: Maths Olympiad on Bapuji's birthday

Maths Olympiad in progress at Supertech Capetown
Photo: Avishek Dubey
Posted: Oct 02, 2016

Residents of Supertech Capetown in Sector 74, Noida, conducted a maths Olympiad on the occasion of the 147th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Sixty children participated in the event, which was held on the society lawns.

Students from Classes 1-10 participated in the free contest, but the children had to get their own stationery.

The winner will be declared on September 9, when the society will celebrate Dandiya Nights. Prizes, too, will be given out then.

Ekta Arora, the organiser, said, "Maths has always been my favourite subject, and through this event I wanted to develop an interest in maths among the children.”

Speaking to City Spidey, Kartik Vashisth, a participant, said, "Maths is an interesting subject, and if you understand what you are doing, it's not that difficult to score in.”

Lauding the efforts, Vashisth's father, Sachin Sharma, said to City Spidey, "This is a good way to celebrate the day and parents appreciate the initiative. The Olympiad will certainly help the children in future."


Ekta Arora, organiser of the maths Olympiad at Supertech Capetown

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